Toxin-Free Mattress? Thank You, Essentia!

I need a new mattress! Simple as that. 8 years in and mine’s officially dead.

As a responsible consumer & a good green girl, I wanted to see what Eco options are available.  I’m now shopping for an organic mattress. Healthy, eco-friendly and hopefully comfy.

As you know, shopping for anything natural involves A LOT of research. I ask my friends for their experiences and Google galore. There are TONS of companies out there selling organic mattresses in all price ranges and some more natural than others. While on the hunt, I came across Essentia.  Check out their video below where I learned a thing or two about toxins in regular mattresses. 


With a product that you sleep on & breath on a nightly basis, a toxin free alternative is a must and Essentia gives us the solution!

Essentia is opening a store in Sana Monica which I’ve recently been invited to visit. I’ll be meeting Jack, the owner of Essentia (a.k.a – the guy in the cartoon).

Join me & experience what these natural memory foam mattresses are all about!  We'll be taking you on a video tour of the new location & a chat with Jack, Essentia owner & cartoon leading man.

Stay Tuned!

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