Toxic Fumes from Synthetic Perfumes

Did you know that synthetic perfume is made of
toxic chemicals that can injure your health? Many of the chemicals in
conventional perfumes are the same chemicals in cigarette smoke, and yet there
is no regulation of the fragrance industry. Many people are "bothered" by
perfumes – developing headaches (or migraines like me!), sinus problems, and
even asthma from exposures. Many have gotten sick or even disabled from wearing
(or being exposed to) fragrances and using other scented products. And
fragrances are now used in almost every cleaning, laundry, and personal-care
product on the market! These toxic chemicals go directly into the bloodstream
when applied to our skin and are also absorbed into the skin from our clothing.
We also inhale the chemical fumes, which then go straight to our brains where
they can do major harm. Many even have a "narcotic" effect, which is why some
people seem "addicted" to their perfumes.

As an alternative, choose the healthy way to still be able to enjoy delightful
aromas with essential oils and hydrosols like

EEM Collection's Natural Parfum Oils
. EEM's Parfum Oils are made with
organic, natural and wildcrafted ingredients. Our highly concentrated perfume
oils are sophisticated botanical extracts and organic essential oil blends in an
organic carrier oil base with no synthetics, phthalates or parabens…ever!

It's about time people start realizing that the products heavily marketed to
them are toxic on so many levels! So many corporations do not list loads of
toxic ingredients on their labels that cause various ailments from reproductory
organ mutations to cancer. Even the corporations that DO list many (not all) of
the toxic ingredients in their products remain successful at their clever
marketing schemes because most people don't read the labels – and IF they do,
aren't informed on what the ingredient is or does to their bodies. Some might
not even care!

Next time you start to spray on that perfume or use some other scented product,
remember all the chemicals you're exposing yourself and those around you to!
There's absolutely nothing "romantic" about these chemicals! Synthetic perfume
being something "romantic" is merely a line fed to you by the perfume industry –
don't buy into it! We've been brainwashed by the industry that we must "cover
up" our natural scents with toxic chemicals – that our own scents or scents
derived from the earth's herbs and flowers are not acceptable. Once you make the
break and get away from toxic scents, the smell of "naturally
" is simply wonderful!

Research those labels – I dare you! Knowledge is everything! Soak it up, guys! –
It could mean your health!


Mindy Perez

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