Top Ten Things all Green Businesswomen Know

The beauty of our marketplace today is we can always find a green option, even for items that we wouldn't think have a LOHAS or sustainable or eco-friendly option.


Here are top ten things that I think you, as another "green girl", will want to know. Give yourself one point for each item you know already!  


1) What day is recycling pickup for the office/building/neighborhood?


2) Where your reusable shopping bag is at all times, ready to use for produce, groceries, or a quick trip to the farmer's market:


3) A supply for 100% post-consumer-waste printing paper: (better yet, you're going totally paperless)


4) How much the electric bill is and what steps to take to reduce it


5) How to go more green by bringing your own cup or mug to the local café: (you would be amazed at how many single-use coffee cups litter our landfills)


6) Where to find other green businesswomen in your industry: (post a free listing here and access great members-only discounts —- share your own promotions with our members, too)


7) The best ways to meet online instead of meeting in person: 

WebEx and GoToMeeting and Skype for phone calls.


8) What kind of compostable, biodegradable utensils to offer at the next company event:


9) Company policy on working from home, telecommuting and remote access:


10) Where to get ethically-sourced, sustainable gifts to support women in developing countries: (my favorite is, where to get recycled, handmade products nearby or where to get luxury sustainable jewelry


Do you have any other items to add? @monicadear


So how did you score?

8-10 points == you'd be a great fit  as a Green Girl Guru, consider sharing your knowledge as an author here!

4-7 points == Good going… increase your ability to practice sustainable options by reading this blog on a regular basis

0-3 points == It's a start. Let's learn and share together: Bookmark


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Monica S. Flores is committed to educating, empowering, and connecting women in business. She is available for consulting on web development through 10K Webdesign. She believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. 


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