‘Tis the Season to be “Green”

We’ve all taken small steps in our home, work and play to embrace being “green.” Wether it’s turning off the lights in rooms we’re not using, or carpooling to work with friends, we are beginning to alter our way of living to reduce our impact on the environment.

We should look beyond the everyday things we do to conserve energy and resources. Let’s use this holiday season to make an Eco-friendly impact: on our planet, in our homes and with our families. ‘Tis the season to be “green”! Here are a few tips to get you started:

Nic’s Tip #1:

Make your own wrapping paper:

This is one of my favorite projects. Not only are you creating another use from something that would otherwise be thrown away, but you get tap into your creative juices. If you have children, it’s a great way to get them involved in a fun art project while you’re secretly wrapping presents in the other room. To create your own personal wrapping paper, all you need are paper bags from the grocery store and any art medium you wish: pencil, paint, or crayon. You can even create a specific theme. Maybe grandma loves flowers or you want to color code your gifts, let your imagination run wild. This is a special way to show your love for your family and the environment.

Photo By: fuchspanzer

Nic’s Tip #2:

LED holiday lights:

Photo by: Tony Reynes

It seams as though every year we scramble to the store to buy at least one strand of lights either because we just can’t seam to get that one strand to work or even better, we can’t find the ones from a previous year. Take this opportunity to buy LED lights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and these new holiday lights use 90% less energy than their counterparts. Saving you an estimated $50 per season on your electricity bill. Most major retailers keep them stocked on their shelves now that they come in an array of colors. You can also purchase online.

Nic’s Tip #3:

Fresh holiday trimmings:

Wander through your back yard to find the perfect table centerpiece. Cut a few branches off an evergreen tree or pick a few pieces of fruit to decorate your table. During the holiday season I was the chosen one to dress the table. I’d grab the clipper and run from tree to tree cutting away like a mad hairdresser. In the past I’ve used evergreen branches, bamboo stalks, oranges, pomegranates, nuts and berries. We never spent any money on buying extra trimmings for the house, it was all at our fingertips. To keep your greens from drying out, soak them in water and seal the end with wax. Either by pouring a dripping candle over the end or submerse in wax.

Photo by: Accolady

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