Three Resolutions for the Anti-Gardener

So you're plant-curious, but just can't seem to commit to "digging in"?  Well, you're in luck because you don't have to be a frou frou gardener to enjoy the physical, nutritional, stress-relieving, social, and economical benefits of growing your own food.  Here are three simple ways for the anti-gardener to get involved with growing organic food in 2011.



Not interested in perfect flowers all lined up in rows?  Community gardens are definitely for you.  I can't think of a better place to meet passionate gardeners who are interested in three things, 1) growing food as efficiently as possible, 2) teaching others the tricks of the trade, and 3) feeding the community.  What could be better than that?  Check out the American Community Gardening Association to locate a community garden near you and get growing!  The American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) is a bi-national nonprofit membership organization of professionals, volunteers and supporters of community greening in urban and rural communities. The Association recognizes that community gardening improves people’s quality of life by providing a catalyst for neighborhood and community development, stimulating social interaction, encouraging self-reliance, beautifying neighborhoods, producing nutritious food, reducing family food budgets, conserving resources and creating opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy, and education.



Yes, even you can grow one little plant at home.  Throw an easy-to-grow herb or vegetable in the ground or container and get to it.  If you can feed yourself, then I'm convinced you can make sure your plant receives enough sun and water.  Consider starting with a popular herb that you will use in the kitchen, such as basil or scallions.  One plant….you can do it!



Whether you're growing food in a community garden or at home, most likely there will be leftovers available to donate.  Visit to find a food pantry near you.  Even if you can't share your harvest, you are welcome to donate canned goods. 


So don’t put it off any longer.  I guarantee you’ll love it. You’ll love the connection you feel with the earth. You’ll love the sense of accomplishment. You’ll love that you are providing your family with living, healthy food. You’ll love the TASTE!


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