Thirty Steps to Setting up your Green Business, part 4

Today's post is on the "human side" of your company. You will make it or break it based on customer involvement and feedback. Here are some steps on interacting in person and in groups. Next week we'll cover online interactions.

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Step 18) Learn how to present
You'll want to practice your 7-second introduction to what you do (for networking purposes), but also consider how to communicate your message and represent your brand.

The groups I recommend for interaction in a business setting include BNI, a weekly networking group with people in different industries in your local area, as well as Toastmasters, a public speaking group where you practice your abilities to give extemporaneous and prepared speeches.

Find a chapter near you and meet others. I've also mentioned green networking groups — you might find other eco-conscious and sustainably-oriented business owners through a search on your location. (Google search)


Step 19) Meet different types of people.
There is a limit to how well you'll get to know someone, but over time, you have a great opportunity to establish quality relationships with successful people and consistently expand your circle of trust.

Any time is a great time to network, and I set aside at least 4 hours every week to connect with and meet with others in person or over the phone.

Green business networking is a great way to meet many different types of people in your field of interest (which is green business, right?)

heart to heartWhat I recommend is going to any networking event with specific objectives in mind.


  • For example, if you're attending a business-related event, plan on circulating and meeting people from a perspective of getting acquainted with others in your local community.
  • If you're attending a conference, plan on meeting with a large amount of people, collecting contact information, and following up afterwards.
  • If you're attending an intimate gathering, plan on enjoying and solidifying your connections with the other participants.
  • If you're attending a seminar or workshop, plan on learning as much as you can and identifying key players in your industry who speak or lead activities at that event.
  • If you're attending a regular networking event, like a dinner or party, consider spending time with a smaller amount of people but getting a real sense of who's who.

I'm not a big proponent of blanketing a big hall full of people with business cards, as afterwards you'll run into the issue of not remembering who's who. Instead, let everything flow naturally, speak with people who pique your interest, keep calm, and come with the attitude that the right people for you will show up when you're ready.

Step 20) How can you help others?
A leader finds out what's important to their followers.

As you're establishing a base of readers, clients, connections, volunteers, and supporting members, consider what you can do to help those in your community.

Share articles, advice, links, leads. Offer links to white papers, news, or information that directly impacts your network. Forward specific articles to people who you know will be interested in them.

Consider establishing a forum (like a discussion group, e-mail newsletter, or social network) where you can reach out to those who have expressed an interest in your work.

Find out how to incorporate the spirt of sharing into your corporate mission statement. Consider adopting a local community organization, nonprofit, or charity that aligns with your mission.

Remember to celebrate, always. As women in green businesses, we're so busy with all that we do, both personally and professionally. At least once a year, like during the holidays or for your company anniversary, throw a big bash to share the bounty, reach out to your community, and to make even more memories to sustain you and your business success.



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