656 Cities, Towns and Municipalities in 80 Countries Have Pledged to Turn Out their Lights for the Largest Call to Action on Climate Change in History

On Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 p.m. local time, the largest ever public demonstration for action on climate change will take place as lights are symbolically turned off for one hour in homes, office buildings, iconic landmarks, government buildings and retail establishments across the globe for Earth Hour.

With 38 days left until Earth Hour 2010, the movement has already received support from 656 cities, towns and municipalities in 80 countries across every continent.

Citizens of the United States will unite with individuals, businesses, civil groups and governments around the world including Athens, Bangkok, Cape Town, Delhi, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Manila, Moscow, Rome, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv and Toronto. Communities will come together like never before with cities such as Stockholm and Hiroshima holding their inaugural Earth Hour.

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