The Wonders of Waxing

It's summer time! Although I think I should have written this article to get you hooked early, it's never too late to start waxing. Let's be real, if you shave you probably shave often. I know when I was shaving I shaved everyday if I wanted smooth legs.


The wonder of waxing is that your hair really does grow back slower and finer. It's amazing. I've been waxing now for over a year and half. I have dreams that one day I will never have to do that :) In the meanwhile I'm thrilled with the results I get and if this is the best it will ever get, it beats shaving by ten fold.

I would recommend bikini waxing be done by a professional. I currently go to Nunei at Nori's Eco Salon in the valley. I do underneath my arms, my legs, and sometimes arms by myself. It does take some getting used to but it's worth it. My bikini seems to start growing back in about two weeks. Typically I maintain the sides of the bikini line myself (I'm experienced enough for that) and then go back to Nunei two weeks after that.

My legs … my legs seem like they last closer to 4 weeks before re-growth. I think it may appear that way to me because the hair does grow back finer & softer that it don't notice it growing back in. I have actually let my legs go a couple of months between wax sessions because even when it has grown back, you can barely see the hair from unless you're up close and staring. The hair on my upper legs now grows in a baby fine light blonde (I'm naturally a dirty blonde). If only the hair growing out of my head would grow out that color :) I pretty much leave my upper leg alone now.

The wax I use at home is Moom. It's 100% organic. Although it comes in plastic packaging, the container is glass which is easily recyclable. I recommend using a product like Moom over using the pre-packaged wax strips which have a strange plastic lining which are currently no recyclable and won't stretch as far as a container of wax.

If you're interested in venturing into the waxing world and have any questions, feel free to contact me. I'm more than happy to share my experiences to turn more people onto this wonder.


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