From City Streets to The Beach: The Vintage Denim Dress

Talk about double duty casual wear!  Here’s a totally chill vintage summer look that’s stylish on the city streets and look just as effortless-chic on the California beaches.

The 80′s Vintage Denim Dress
1980′s Women’s Vintage Sleeveless Denim Style Dress. Full front button closure with two over sized top front pockets and two side pockets.
Vintage Ray Ban Sunglasses
Early 1970′s Bausch & Lomb Ray Ban 1/10 12K Gold Filled g-15 GREY Shooter Sunglasses featuring the “bullet hole” design and curved wire outdoors man ear stems.
70′s Dark Magenta Southern Style Belt
1970′s Women’s Vintage Leather Belt with Southern Style Silver Buckle by Omega.  
80′s Front Flap Cross Over Purse
1980′s Women’s Vintage Snap Flap Leather Purse w/ two major compartments, separate front zipper compartment and three pront pockets with adjustable buckle strap.
Vintage Fringe Minnetonka Moccasins Ankle Boots
Vintage style Minnetonka moccasins Braided trim ankle boots with antique medallions and fringe cuff
Suede lining and upper
Rubber sole
Very comfortable 

Dig in to more Eco Fashion HERE!

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