The Universe under our feet – Soil

Did you know that soil was alive? Many people do not realize this, something that on the surface may look look dead, but upon closer inspection is bustling with life! 

Many people have misconceived notions about soil, it is
usually associated with words such as something being dirty or soiled.
An inaccurate correlation to an element of our life that is so critical
and and that is such a dependent element to our survival. Healthy soil
goes hand in hand with a healthy environment.

The nation that destroys its soil – destroys itself” (Roosevelt 1937)

The first and most important step in  improving soil health is to recognize that soil is a living
and all parts of our ecosystem depend on it – it
is vital to our survival, the growth of our food and maintenance
of our ecology.

There are billions of microorganisms that make up a whole
network below ground. In one spoonful there are 600 million
bacteria! Imagine that – there is an entire network of life
below the ground, right underneath our toes. A network that
works together with the trees, the plants, the fungus and so
much more, all to be able to sustain life above ground for us –

Soil, for example, is the measure of the health of biological
systems. In other words, soil is the metaphor of our
environment, if we have healthy soil we have a healthy
environment. Annually, we are losing 1 percent of our topsoil
per year, due to industrial agriculture, the process of
mono-cropping, heavy chemical use and erosion of our soils. Just
to put things into perspective – it takes thousands of years to
form one inch of topsoil.

Life in the soil provides the structure for more life, and
the formation of more soil. Soil is equated to food and food is
equated to life. The fertility and the quality of soil will
determine the health and stability of all life that is relying
on it – just as the health of each human being will determine
fertility and the quality of their life.

The reality is that a simple way to help maintain healthy
soil and manage waste in your home is by simply composting. In
essence it is an excellent free resource of nutrients for our
plants and the earth. It doesn’t smell, but mainly, it reduces
the amount of waste going to a landfill, all are creating the
fertile ground for a microcosm universe to exist and for soil
sustainability to flourish! Don’t know where to start? Check out
our simple

DIY Urban Vermiculture Composting

We are all organisms working within one larger organism –
called Planet Earth. Seeing on the micro and macro level, gives
us a wider perspective into the many realms that are living in
harmony here with us.

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