The Treespace Studio

Treespace Studio is the living manifestation of Amy Tan and her work. She claims The Treespace Studio spawned from "a burning passion to marry a lifetime of disparate interests and experiences".

"Keep" Box and hand crafted Treespace studio ring

I met Amy at a non-profit convention. She offered to help my organization, Green Wave, with design services to help unify our image. On my end, it's a work in progress however, on Amy's end I am amazed at the diverse offerings she not only offers to clients but to the world. Amy and I share a passion for inspiration -not just to be inspired ourselves, but to share the experience of being inspired to others. One of her favorite publications is called Dumbo Feather, true journalism about uplifting stories produced by an artsy group in Australia.

Amy has a background in architecture but she has had a life-long love for art, fashion and crafts which have instilled in her a deep appreciation for the tactile quality of materials, both natural and man-made.

What I really appreciate in Amy is not only her eco-awareness but her dedication to bringing that into her arts and services for people. She specializes in both handmade and other tree free papers for cards, such as her "Dream Big" series, and invitations. She made mention of this when she found out I was engaged since I would obviously be looking for eco-friendly options. Regarding some of my current business needs, Amy also consulted me on eco-friendly binding options. I had never appreciated paper as art until I met Amy.

She is also working on what she calls a "Keep" box which is art packaging for products. Her idea is a great example of sustainability and mindful intention in that she prints on natural and organic fibers and makes boxes that she hopes people will consider art and worthy of keeping, basically a keepsake, so as to avoid waste. I appreciate her idea not just for what it is but what the idea represents, perpetuates, and also dispels; it's her small way of fighting the system of disposability -make it precious…

Amazingly, she also makes beautiful, hand crafted jewelry. You can learn more about Amy and Treespace Studio by visiting her website and blog:

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