The Quick Advice on Turning Your Lady Business into Green Business

You will need to embrace your divine right to honor this time period so first you need to learn to

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1) Love Your Blood!

Recommended reading to make this shift happen:

*A beautiful (and short) article in regards to accepting our gift as power:

*Cunt! Let’s reclaim our womanhood and our proper Goddess rights! I would say the first three chapters are inspiring and mind shifting. I felt it got a little preachy after that but overall she puts into perspective how we need to love our blood.

2) Switch to Alternative Products

     *Ditch your regular tampons, and pads. If you still need to buy something similar I recommend buying organic cotton tampons and products from Seventh Generation or NatraCare .

     *Tampon Recommendation:
          —NON-applicator tampons, use Seventh Generation. I like non-applicator tampons because their use is less wasteful. Seventh Generation also gives back 10% of their profits to non-profits.

          –APPLICATOR tampons use NatraCare. (Seventh Generation currently does not make applicator tampons).

          –SEA SPONGE Tampons! If you are feeling bold try sea sponge tampons. You can buy them from GladRags Sea sponges are reusable for up to 6 months which makes this choice very eco-friendly. Sea sponges also used to be alive and they are from the sea, which is ruled by the moon so it is rumored some women feel a certain harmony in wearing sea sponges rather than disposables.

     *Maxi-Pad Recommendations:
          –Use NatraCare. NatraCare uses bioplastic for their adhesive, which is natural, biodegradable, and contains no harmful chemicals.

To break your boundaries with alternatives ….

3) Embolden yourself to venture to Reusables


     –Sea Sponge tampons
     –Reusable Organic Maxi Pads
     –Reusable Cup (Diva Cup, Keeper, Moon Cup)

You can purchase all of the above items at You can also buy many of these items at green specialty stores such as Green and Greener, or possibly your local Whole Foods.

A note about the cups … Diva Cup has cute packaging …The Keeper has been around since 1985 but is latex. The Keeper company has come out with a silicone product, which is a direct competitor to the Diva Cup, and it is called the Moon Cup. I like the Keeper company has they have a strong environmental commitment which is both obvious and intuitive from their minimal packaging and USA made organic cotton cup keeper bags that come along with your purchase and sewn by ex-seamstresses.

If you want to be a good green girl it is imperative you venture to reusables . We need less waste in this world. For some interesting facts on the incredible amount of waste created by our disposable habit visit The Keeper fact page.

If you have aversions to resuables go back to step 1, do some reading, and do some thinking … what thought structures have you grown up with that are limiting you into making a better choice for the environment? Do you agree with them? Really explore this.

4) Create your own ritual to honor this special monthly time. Make it beautiful!


     *Start by changing your thought patterns to positive. Consider this time a blessing. Create sweeter reference names. No references to Aunt Flow –this is your blessing, not someone else’s.

     *Buy or make a moon jar for your resusables. It can serve as a shrine. You can buy one online at Green and Greener.

     *Pay more attention to the rhythms of your body at this time . Explore your sensations with positive thoughts that we have been endowed with a privilege. If you experience discomfort, search out natural remedies.

     *Read some inspirational women’s books or goddess books during this time to help you feel honored to be a woman!

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