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I know right now a lot of you want to make design changes in your home, but feel the wallet tightening down. So, this design tip is reflective of just that: a cost effective transformation.

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Paint. The single most cost effective way to transform your living space. This is also the number one question I receive from clients and viewers, “how do I chose the perfect color?”

Here are a few tips to help you pick out the perfect shade for any room in your home:

Nic’s Tip #1:

Purchase a paint deck:

Not a lot of people know you can acquire the tools and tricks of the trade. All brands of paint make professional paint decks, showcasing every color they make. These run about $10-$15.

How many hours have you stood in front of the paint chip display, agonizing over which colors to take home? It is nearly impossible to pick out a color in the store. The lighting is different, chips are missing, your spouse is roaming the isles looking for a new power tool. This is why having your very own deck of colors is the easiest and stress free route to take.

You can now make a decision without having to make a trip to the hardware store. Hold it up to your daughter’s comforter to pick out the perfect shade of violet or compare colors you like in the deck with the ready made curtains you’ve just found on sale! The possibilities are endless.

Companies who sell paint decks: Freshaire paint (no voc): Home depot, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Nic’s Tip #2:

Don’t be afraid of the dark:

So many people think that by painting a small room a dark color it will make it feel smaller. I say give into what it is and accept it. Painting a small room a lighter color is not going to make it feel bigger. You have to knock down walls for that to happen.

Give it personality. We all want the runt in the pack to survive, right? Make that room stand out. Give it a purpose. I was recently hired to do a color consultation for a therapist’s office. My client had never considered going with a darker shade and she hesitated when I suggested a rich plum color. A few days later I received a phone call from her expressing how thrilled she was with the color. She realized that by painting it a rich, darker shade, it made the rest of her existing furniture look even better and the room felt more inviting.

Don’t be afraid to richen up a room with a dark color. Keep in neutral and soothing and you’ll be amazed at the transformation.

Nic’s Tip #3:

Be inspired:

I’m sure you have many inspirational pieces scattered around you home. From that small little piece of pottery you found on a trip overseas to the cover of the design magazine sitting on your kitchen table. Pull out that paint deck of yours and find yourself a beautiful shade that inspires you.

Color is everywhere…keep your eyes peeled, your paint deck at hand and I know you will have the confidence to pick out the perfect color for your home.

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