The Palazzo Las Vegas, a LEED-certified Wonder


Continuing last week's Eco-travel adventure, we headed to Las Vegas in search of
THE best Eco-hotel

The Palazzo
stood out from the rest. In 2008, The Palazzo was granted it's
"green" status by the

U.S. Green Building Council



Together, The Palazzo, The Venetian and the Sands Expo and Convention Center is
the largest LEED-certified building in the world.



According to USGBC, The Palazzo is
not only the largest LEED-certified building in the world, but is over four
times bigger than the second-largest.  “The Palazzo is to be commended for
achieving LEED certification. This facility is one that both the community and
its guests can be proud of,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO, Founding Chair,
U.S. Green Building Council.



The Solar Effect


  • The largest solar thermal systems in the
    U.S., which provides hot water for its pools, spa and a portion of
    domestic hot water. So all of the pool water at The Palazzo is
    warmed by Nevada’s own sunshine.

  • The only Strip property that uses solar
    photovoltaic panels on top of parking garages.  These panels
    turn the sun’s power into electricity and generate 116kW of direct

  • Cooling towers for chilled water supply,
    which saves 50 million gallons of water annually.



Palazzo employs such effective environmentally-efficient technologies that it
conserves enough water to provide each Nevada citizen with 266 eight-ounce
glasses of water for a year and saves enough energy to light a 100 watt light
bulb for 12,100 years. It even promotes alternative modes of transportation by
offering valet parking—for bicycles.


Key features that contribute to The
Palazzo’s tremendous conservation include:  


  • Artificial turf, drip irrigation and moisture sensors in planted areas
    result in over a 75% reduction in irrigation needs.

  • Swimming pools at The Palazzo are heated with an expansive solar pool
    heating system. In the summer, the excess solar energy not needed for the
    pools is directed to the hotel’s hot water system, reducing the need to heat
    water for guest suites.

    solar heater pools

  • Air conditioning controls in guest suites that automatically setback by
    several degrees when guests are not present and reset to the desired
    temperature upon return.

  • Team member service areas equipped with lighting occupancy sensors that shut
    off lights when no one is in the area.

  • Interior plumbing fixtures use 37% less water than conventional buildings as
    a result of water-efficient showerheads, high efficiency toilets and
    low-flow lavatory faucet aerators

  • Moisture sensors monitor real time, site specific air temperature, humidity,
    rainfall and other factors to provide daily watering cycle adjustment.

  • A waste recycling program implemented from demolition through completion
    diverted over 70% of waste from the landfill.

  • The building’s structural steel averaged 95% recycled content, while the
    concrete averaged a 26% recycled content rate.

To encourage the use of alternative
transportation, preferred parking spaces are provided for guests and
employees who carpool or drive low-emission vehicles. Complimentary
valet for bicycles is provided at The Venetian and The Palazzo. They
also have close access to a variety of public transportation options.


employees sort refuse into dry and wet categories, separating food waste from
recyclable products. Wet (food) waste is sent to a Nevada farm to be used as
animal feed or compost. The Venetian and The Palazzo properties in Las Vegas
recycle 55 percent of solid waste and more than 75 percent of food waste



Besides all the Eco-facts, the Palazzo is a gorgeous hotel. Check out more



Definitely one of the best accommodation experiences from past Vegas travels.
Give it a try & let us know what you think! On your next Vegas trip, indulge in
Eco-luxury and treat yourself with a weekend stay at

The Palazzo

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