The LOFTS @ CHEROKEE STUDIOS; LA’s FIRST Green Live/Work Lofts (Part 4/5)

Interview with Design Consultant Daphne Brusso from CISCO HOMES

Left:  May Hsu (aka GreenandGorgeous), Right:  Daphne Brusso
1.  What was going through your mind when you started to create this space?
  I wanted to create a space that was true to the spirit of the Cherokee legacy.  The lot where Cherokee lofts was built used to be Cherokee Recording Studios where many of the greats recorded their albums such as Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" album, the "Saturday Night fever and many many more.  I wanted to incorporate music into all aspects of the design as well as accentuate the green elements and organic nature of the loft considering it is a LEED Platinum space. 

2) what are some of the design elements that designate the Model home?
    The model loft is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with a recording studio, control room, den, utility closet and easy access to the rooftop garden. 
The loft is characterized by high ceilings, modern energy star stainless steel appliances, eco finishes, and gray wood FSC certified floors.

3) what are some of the green elements you use to design the space?
The loft is the first live/work LEED Platinum space in the country.  An advanced cooling/heating system, dual flush toilets, efficient fixtures, LED lighting, hot water circulators, solar power for all areas, cellulose insulation, FSC Certified wood, Cisco Home furniture made with natural latex and pure grow wool containing no formaldehyde or petroleum by-products (Inside Green TM) and paint that contains no VOCs are just a few of the green elements used for the structure. 

4) what were some of the challenges when you're designing this space? what were you're most proud of?
Well of course, as with any construction project, timing and construction schedule were a challenge.  As far as design, the biggest challenge was making sure that all the products were environmentally conscious which became really easy for me to tackle as many of the musical pieces used were vintage pieces used from the previous Cherokee Recording Studios, and all of Cisco Home furniture is environmentally sound.  I loved the synergy created with the previous music producer and owner of the studios, Bruce Robb who really helped me envision what a space for a true music producer would be like, and the wonderful sponsors that helped in my design including Amenity Bedding, Cisco Home, Pieces fine art who supplied all of the beautiful fine art and sculpture seen throughout. 
One of my biggest challenges was the Control Room/music studio because it was hard to find an actual sponsor who would leave their music controls behind, but luckily, Bruce brought some controls in storage from the Studios and gold and platinum records from albums recorded at the studios, and the room looked like a true music studio. Also, until the week of the opening, I had no idea that the small recording studio was also a bathroom, and like true homemade studio style, we made it work as both placing a Gibson stool and microphone, ready to record in the guest bedroom.

One of my favorite elements were the antique music sheets I found at the Pasadena flea market that I used as wall treatments in the bedroom and control room.  Some of the sheets were published as early as the 1890's and the way they were noted and used, I really felt as though I was bringing the music it back to life. 
For more Information Please Contact:
Daphne Brusso, LEED AP
Design Consultant
website of Cisco Home





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