The Green Retrofit

Planning on wanting to save some money?  Consider a green retrofit! 

It can be as simple as changing out some fixtures or as complex as having an entire energy audit done to your home. 

Home Energy Audit - Inside View setup
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What many people don’t realize is the reality that with a modest investment, one can ultimately save hundreds of dollars annually

in addition to having a lighter carbon and water footprint. 

Think of this upgrade like putting your home on a diet, per se, something that would result in a healthier home for you and your family, in addition to creating green habits for all! 

Start with the finite natural resources that you use, such as energy and water.  Is it ever being wasted by leaving a light on or perhaps forgetting to turn the water off as your washing the dishes?  An excellent point of reference is to start by being aware of how you consume these resources.  Adding inexpensive aerators to all the faucets will guarantee that you will save one gallon of water per minute.  A showerhead can easily be adapted and will also save a gallon per minute without compromising a memorable shower.  Annually thousands of gallons are wasted while waiting for the water to get hot, consider collecting that water to quench your plants thirst. 

Adding power strips at all outlets, that have multiple plugs, can not only safe you money and prevent
phantom loads while also eliminating excess electromagnetic fields.   

Confirm that all your doors and windows are sealed properly and that every door has a threshold.  Older homes have the tendency to leak air into and out of the home, something that may be solved with some chalking.  For more serious issues consider an energy retrofit which would solve all these issues. Companies such as Recurve are not only the national experts but are also Bay are based. 

Next time you go shopping think twice about the items you purchase, it is estimated that we discard an estimate 95% of purchased items 6 months after being bought.  Being a discerning shopper will save you money, space and time while eliminating the need of discarding more stuff.  Opt out of purchasing something cheap, that may very well be made with toxic materials, and try to find it second hand.  Can’t find it at your local thrift store?  It is worth spending the extra amount to avoid needing to replace the cheaper version. 

Incorporate this in your food shopping as well and take advantage of the bulk section.  Not only will you take advantage of great prices but you will reduce your need for packaged goods!  Personally, I reuse my plastic bags over and over again – most stores will also credit you for every bag you re-use. 

Start applying all these simple tips into your daily life and begin to enjoy the savings.  You may not notice them initially but over the span of a few months or so, the savings will start to add up!

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