The Green Girls Weekly Wrap Up (12/28/08)

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In recent decades, there has been an anti-lawn movement; stemming from the desire to wake up Americans to the reality that keeping up with the Jonesʼs, truly isnʼt a satisfactory way of living.
New Year’s Eve Entertaining Special
This is hands down my favorite cocktail. I like to call it the Absolutely Fabulous because my favorite TV show is Ab Fab where the two relentless party broads Edi and Pats, are always drinking Boli Stolies- a mixture of Bollinger Champagne and Stolichnya Vodka. 
Clearing the Air
Wind power is one of the fastest growing alternative energy sources available. What could be cleaner than capturing the power of the moving air and turning it into energy? This is a powerful metaphor on a personal level and in our work to make relationships sustainable.
Holiday Toy Drive Extravaganza
We had a chance to volunteer our time at the Holiday Toy Drive Extravaganza to Benefit Disadvantaged Children throughout Los Angeles County.
Goat Cheese Potato Frittata
This is my favorite Christmas morning breakfast because I can make it the day ahead.  It’s substantial, but light enough so I can enjoy a big meal later in the day.  It can be served slightly warmed or at room temperature.


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