The Green Girls Weekly Wrap Up (11/30/08)

What Do Polar Bears Have To Do With Shopping?
This week on the green girls Monica Rodgers connects the dots between our spending habits & the livelihood of polar bears. Monica shares some unfortunate facts about these animals & how being a conscious consumer can save lives.  For more on Monica, visit

Eco Chic Weekly – November 24, 2008
The Q shares some great links this week on Eco Chic Weekly. From therapeutic skin food to a deeper look at faux fur.

Recycle Old Jeans Into Cute New Sandals
Recycle: A Sexy Outfit From An Old Shirt
One of our newest guru Giannina of Paraguay shares some creative & sexy do it yourself videos funky enough for this week's funky find. Finding a new purpose for old jeans & your boyfriends t-shirt is just one of many how to vids from Giannina. Find more videos by Giannina at

Dangerous Beauty
Vanessa is another talented addition to the green girls team this week and she shares a product makeover, why she did it & where to get your info.  Stay tuned to learn more about Vanessa.

The holiday season is here & our Guru's Janine & Wendy touch on the subject of giving.

Reverently Green
Janine talks about being reverently green & gives tips on how to build such reverence.  Visit her guru page to learn more about Janine.

The Gifts That Keep On Giving
Our love guru Wendy shares a gift idea that keeps on giving well beyond the holidays by spicing up your bedroom with green toys, vamping up the basics &  libido solutions.  Learn more about Wendy & try out some green love products at

Yumi & Laurie
The Q introduces eco friendly & stylish blankets. A must have this season! Get your dose of eco fashion news by visiting the Q at

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