The Great Diva “ShoeCycle”

The title has SHOE in it so if you have a X chromosome and are reading this, chances are we have your attention!

We've all done it. Spent way to much money on a fabulous pair of shoes. Gotten them home, worn them, they hurt, worn them again, they still hurt. Couldn't find the right outfit for them – I've heard rumors of such happenings.

Now with most shoes when this happens, we pass them on to goodwill or a friend… but we all have the shoes we hold on to… we just can't part with them.

What if someone else had a pair they coveted in their closet that wouldn't hurt your feet…? What if they could find you? We have dream, a dream where all coveted, fabulous, toe pinching, too narrow shoes find new homes on the feet that will be perfect for them.

Do you share this dream?


1. Go to the PND Facebook Fan page and add a picture of your coveted – unwearable on your feet – shoes to the ShoeCycle album. In the caption include all the important details, brand, size, why they don't work for you, to narrow, to small… Check back from time to time (say hi while you're visiting!) see if the magic pair that is right for you has been added to the album.

2. Find a pair in the album that you just have to have? Tag them with your name.

3. A "Cycle" is complete when each person giving a pair of shoes will receive a pair of fabulous, dying to be taken out of the closet shoes. This could take 2 people or it could take 20… who knows… but how much fun will it be to find out!

4. When you are in a completed "Cycle", email your address to the person who has tagged your shoes (photo).

5. Ship your shoes to the person that tagged your shoe (photo).

6. (Finger's Crossed) Welcome a pair of new shoes into your world!

Is it possible that we can find homes for all the dazzling shoes just dying to be worn out… hoping to be picked… night after night… day after day. We're not sure… but we're doing are part to represent these shoes. One day at a time, one shoe at a time, spreading the word on behalf of neglected left behind shoes everywhere.

The Fine Print

Participate at your own risk. PND will not be held responsible for shoes not sent or received. This is a fun idea, please don't participate if you don't plan on following through.

We will not intervene or get in the middle of any SHOENANNIGANS!

Learn more about diva, Tania Reuben at


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