The Earth Savers Gang

Dear Parent and Longtime Friend,

Remember when we were little and believed we had super powers? All we needed was a distress signal to answer, something to rescue, a cape was an added bonus…and the world would be saved.

We were invincible, and our minds were determined, and our hearts filled with the wonder of the world.  [more]

We could climb the tallest tree
fly across the planet
breathe underwater
touch the sun
speak to animals
and dig to China

Do you remember?

We would use our imaginations to battle unseen threats, and create an elaborate drama through play. Usually we were outside the majority of days roaming the neighborhoods freely playing with each other in tree's and in streams, yards, and parks. Kick the Can, Ollie Ollie all come free!, Red Rover, Four Square, Kick Ball, King of the Castle and Freeze Tag. School days were endurable because we knew the sweet freedom of the weekend would resume our adventure.

We were told to come in when the street lights came on, or when dusk began to settle.

Somehow as we got older our amazing super powers seemed to fade. Our ability to save the world became less and less believable, so we hung up our cape up and likely never saw it again. We gave up our freedom for the trappings that come with maturity, our childhood memories creating a yearning nostalgia as if branded on our souls for all of eternity.

Here we are now…parents ourselves. The world has become so much more complex. There are real threats facing our children now, and the distress signal is growing louder….
Can you hear it?

Listen. Can you hear it?

The planet needs our help. I desperately need you on the team…be part of the gang. Come back. Come back and play with me and join me in believing again that we can make a difference.

Dust off your cape and lets resurrect the belief that we can do anything we set our minds to.

We can plant more trees to climb
Save the planet
Protect the animals
Drink fresh, clean, oxygenated water
Clean up landfills in a single bound
Harness the power of the sun
Dig gardens and plant flowers

Join me. please. It will be hard work, but it will be fun, and I promise not to laugh if you want to wear a cape.
Let's get back to what's important. Our children, and their future.
We've got the chance now…

Your mission today is to commit yourself as an Earth Saver. You need only say the words "I'm in" in the comment box, and where you are from. I'll consider you my fellow Earth Saver and we can get to work, and make a difference.

The overall betterment of the planet happens bit by bit, not all at once…every little bit counts.

Your fellow Earth Saver,

Monica Rodgers

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