The Diva Cup

I am writing about The Diva Cup because I have wanted to use it, thought it might be a good alternative, and wanted to give some girls the scoop. FYI, The Keeper has better, more eco-friendly packaging. The Diva Cup has a catchy marketing name and attractive but much more plastic packaging than The Keeper as I can remember. The bag The Keeper came in actually made me think it was hand done … something else to look into.

So anyway, here’s the scoop …. These devices come in two sizes. The larger size I think was initially created for women that have gone through pregnancy . Both products claim that they are ok for women who have had cesareans to use. As I have not had a child yet, I need to understand why they are saying this. (****)

I bought the smaller size and I feel it’s still a little large. I remember pulling it out of the box, holding it in my hand , and having an impulse to burst out laughing. It’s kind of hard core just from the start. Just imagine that you had a clear, silicone, hollowed out dildo and then cut the tip off so it was about two, two in half inches. You would have a dildo tipped cup, if you will. A tiny quarter inch tip protrudes from this cup, the purpose being similar to a tampon string; a device to aid you in getting it out.

The insertion of the device is similar to a tampon in that you need to be relaxed. Unlike a tampon there is no easy applicator (if you are used to applicator tampons and not Seventh Generation or OB tampons). Also unlike a tampon, the cup is much much larger to insert. I must admit I glanced at the directions and then immediately tossed them in the recycler. I read them, why do I need them? Well …. I needed the directions to remind me how to put this seemingly gigantic thing in! What I figured out on my own is that you cannot just squeeze the device to make it a “half”, you have to squeeze it, then fold it (which seems like again) so it is more of a “quarter”. When you have the right folds ready, you can attempt insertion. Stay relaxed. Initially it may hurt. Maybe use some all-natural lubricant if it hurts too much. It’s just different is all. If you have had intercourse, then you would know that you could essentially “handle” the size of the cup once in. You also do not insert the cup as high as you would a tampon. You want to keep it at a level where the pull device is visibly sticking out of you.

Once in, the cup pops out into its proper cup form. The sensation you may have might be that you have the head of a penis in you. It takes a moment to get used to. Overall I like the product although I would recommend it’s use mainly around the house as the washing of the cup can be messy if you are at work. The silicone, with proper care, is supposed to last up to 10 years. To understand the cost savings to you and the environmental savings to Mother Earth, check out their website.

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