The Climate Community Citizen of The Week Awards

The Climate Community is a site/blog designed to allow people to discuss climate change issues in a safe – respectful – learning platform and The Climate Community Citizen of The Week Awards are given to young people who are trying to help the planet in their own way in their daily lives.

The Climate Community simply give them a small "pat on the back/thank-you" a $25 cash award – saying, "Thanks and keep up the good work!"

Over the past several months we have given awards to 23 terrific young people, each doing his or her part to help our planet. When we began we had no idea who our winners would be, where they would come from, what they might have done to make them one of our winners….yet one by one they emerged – fantastic, energized people – from all across our planet. We simple could never have expected so much success in such a short amount of time! Thanks to all of you – and keep up the great work!

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