The Best Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags

Single use plastic bags for sandwiches and snacks (like Ziploc bags) have become the American norm, but it’s time to swap them out with something that will save you money and be healthier for you and the environment. Given the fact that they aren’t biodegradable and that plastic bags can contain hormone-disrupting chemicals they really are bad news for us as well as wildlife. The good news though is that there’s an abundance of fun options for reusable sandwich and snack bags. Here are some of the best:

Re-Pac (check out their spout pouches for baby food, sauces, and travel toiletries)

Lunchskins (hip designs for older kids and adults)

ChicoBag (a wonderfully mission-driven company)

Stephen Joseph (fun for little kids and available at Whole Foods)

You can also find some creative, homemade designs on Etsy.

With a wide range of colorful patterns, animal and sports illustrations, and chic designs it’s easy to find something for kids as well as adults. However, not every brand out there is made from FDA approved food-grade materials and most of them are solid, which means you have to open them back up if you’ve forgotten what you, or say another parent, put inside them earlier.

Thankfully, xo(eco) by Blue Avocado offers one of my favorite solutions for reusable snack bags. Here’s what I love about them:

  • The bags are clear
  • They can hold wet or dry snacks
  • The zippers are really resilient
  • A portion of the sales is donated to ocean research and conservation
  • The bags are machine washable (although I prefer washing them by hand)

So, you can purchase a 6-pack, stock them up with (ideally organic) fresh/dried fruit or veggies, raw nuts, veggie burgers, and such and easily keep track of what’s inside each bag. Buy some for work or car rides, for your kids, or as a gift and before you know it you’ll be wondering how any of us (myself included at one point) ever fell into the habit of wasting single use sandwich bags.

My mission: As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Eco Expert, I’m dedicated to leading you straight to the core of what it takes to enjoy a new level of vitality, weight loss, and detoxification. I love helping clients across the U.S. transform their lives.

Shine on! Rachel Avalon

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