Bid on items to support The Avril Lavigne Foundation

The Avril Lavigne Foundation partners with leading charitable organizations to design and deliver programs, raise awareness and mobilize support for children and youth living with a serious illness or a disability.

100% of the net proceeds will benefit the Avril Lavigne Foundation.

The Avril Lavigne Foundation:

  • R.O.C.K.S. Respect, Opportunity, Choices, Knowledge, & Strength in support of children and youth living with serious illnesses and disabilities.
  • Respect the needs of all children and youth, no matter their circumstances, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Create the Opportunity for children and youth with serious illnesses or disabilities to follow their dreams.
  • Offer Choices so children and youth see they have many options in life and not just a single path defined by their circumstances.
  • Provide Knowledge about what is possible to children, youth and their families through new program ideas that The Avril Lavigne Foundation will support and help expand.
  • Give kids and their families the Strength to face their daily challenges.

Auction items include:

  • A cameo in one of Avril’s music videos
  • A phone call from Avril
  • Tickets for Lady Gaga’s next tour
  • Tickets to Train’s upcoming tour
  • Signed memorabilia from Katy Perry, Nickelback, & more!

For more information, please visit

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