The Ambrose, an Eco-Smart Boutique Hotel

So you're in LA, looking for a cool Eco hotel to hang your hat in between play time on the beach & hitting up Hollywood? You've got to check out The Ambrose, a cool little spot in Santa Monica! 

We've been to The Ambrose a few time for Green business mixers, and wondered what exactly makes it an Eco hotel. 

Here's what the folks @ The Ambrose shared with us:

The Ambrose is committed to protecting our environment and preserving our precious natural resources. By going “green”, we have made a promise to promote a lifestyle that ensures our environmental impact
on the world around us is minimal and as positive as possible. We have integrated various methods of green living into our daily lives and encourage our guests and team members to do the same. We reduce, reuse and recycle. We compost. We continue to search for the most environmentally friendly alternatives in production and clean our guest rooms with the most ecologically – responsible products on the market. We support our neighbors and local merchants and do our best to promote the good work they are doing throughout the community. By blending upscale tranquility with affordable luxury and low impact living practices, we offer our guests a touch of truly
holistic hospitality.

The Ambrose is a smoke free facility. In accordance to Santa Monica ordinance SMMC §4.44.020(a) and in an effort to keep tobacco smoke away from buildings, ventilation systems and other areas where ETS could affect non-smokers, smoking within 20 feet of any entrance, exit or open window to the building is strictly prohibited.

Energy Conservation:

  • - ALL appliances are Energy Star rated
    - Compact fluorescent lights with dimmers throughout the hotel
    - Energy efficient LED exit signs
    - Energy efficient front load washing machines
    - Energy efficient photocopiers with double sided capacity
    - Regularly scheduled in house maintenance of our HVAC system (coils checked and cleaned, compressor pressure checked, complete belt check)
    - Economizers on A/C unit which increases fresh air circulation and uses cooler outdoor air when available
    - Weather stripping to close air gaps around doors and windows
    - Preventative maintenance on ALL of our equipment to keep it efficient and effective
    - 15% of guestrooms are powered by Clean and Green Wind Power
    - Guestrooms naturally ventilated with opening windows

Water Conservation:

  • - Water broom & dry sweep to clean concrete and asphalt
    - Linen and towel reuse program
    - Low flow toilets (1.3gpf) and water saving faucet aerators (1.75gpf)
    - Sprinklers adjusted according to season
    - Native plants

Non-Toxic Housekeeping Practices:

  • - Environmentally preferable, non-toxic 100% all naturally derived biodegradable cleaners made from replenish able natural resources: hand dishwashing soap, basin, tub and tile cleaner, all purpose cleaner, laundry detergent, chlorine free bleach, furniture polish and carpet shampoo
    - No aerosol spray cans or toxic cleaning chemicals used
    - Green team training meetings to introduce our staff to non-toxic cleaning procedures
    - Eco-lab’s commitment to sustainable integrated pest management begins with its approach to creating products, programs and services that reduce safety risks and environmental impacts, emphasizing closed systems that minimize opportunities for exposing our guests to chemicals
    - Low VOC Green Seal certified water based paints and sealants

Waste Reduction:

  • - Hotel wide Red Bin Recycling Program
    - Recycling bins in all public areas
    - Compost all organic waste Currently recycling over 60% of our waste output
    - office bulletin board, dry erase white boards, staff in-house email and voicemail communication eliminating unnecessary paper printed reports
    - California Recycles, Inc cellular phone recycling program drop-off location
    - 100% recycled bath tissues, napkins, copy paper etc. Reuse packaging for shipping
    - Employee use policy for room service/ catered leftovers
    - Glass cups in ALL guestrooms, mugs for all staff members – no disposable utensils or tableware – no Styrofoam
    - All clients are encouraged to recycle used business meeting materials and to use linen and glassware instead of disposable paper product

Alternative Transportation:

  • - The Ambrose actively participates in Los Angeles Metro’s Transit Access program by providing all Ambrose employees with complimentary bus passes. In an effort to lower employee commuting costs and in honor of our commitment to sustainability, all Ambrose team members are eligible for this new addition to our benefits package.
    - Beach cruiser rental
    - London taxi (powered by bio-diesel) carpooling to popular neighborhood locations
    - Eco-limo our preferred limousine service, hybrid & gas/electric chauffeured transportation
    - Big Blue Bus and LA Metro bus route maps provided for staff and guests
    - Employee bike storage/shower
    - Annually participate in Santa Monica’s ride share program survey
    - Preferred parking spaces for hybrid vehicle

Staff and Guest Awareness:

  • - Conservation signs in all guestrooms promoting linen reuse program
    - Green Information page in guestroom compendium
    - Recycle bins/ signs in public areas
    - Green information Box located in lobby (bike routes, local walking maps, non-profit information, community event flyers and brochures)
    - Green meeting planner attached to all emails to guests inquiring about renting meeting space
    - Green information binder for front desk staff – ALL front desk agents are required to review
    - Green Agreement in Employee Handbook , new staff member training
    - All Ambrose brochures, flyers, compendiums, business cards, menus etc are printed on 100% recycled papers
    - Green Team leader to manage, support and implement all sustainable practices and programs

Community Service:

  • - Here, There and Everywhere E-newsletter: “Everywhere” section highlights the work of a different international non-profit every month
  • - Paid volunteer opportunities for staff members (Heal the Bay Coastal Clean up Day, Tree People Tree Planting etc )
  • - Active supporter of local non-profits and charitable organizations

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