Ten Tips to Improve your Online E-store

As the holidays are approaching, it’s time to review your e-commerce presence and do the following to “tidy things up” and make everything ship-shape.

1) Check your About Page

With so many customers wanting to know about you, your mission, vision, and values, and your history, by keeping your “about” page personalized, you’re able to better connect with your user base and community.

2) Install a Security Certificate

If you’re offering online checkout, make sure to have SSL enabled on your account to preserve your site visitor’s sense of confidentiality, security, and privacy.

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3) Clarify your Terms and Conditions

Have you updated your terms and conditions page? Make sure it is updated and covers all of your legal requirements.

4) Beautiful photos

Your customers demand high-quality, detailed photos, from multiple angles. Get the very best photographer you can find to take product photography that highlights the unique qualities of your products. Add a “zoom” function, if possible.

5) Excellent SEO in place

Keywords, key phrases, and a constantly updated sitemap are a must to keep your website ranked high in search engine results. Don’t have an SEO plan in place? Get a provider to help you!

6) Blogging, blogging, blogging

By adding a blogging component, you can better clarify and communicate your message. You also help with search engine results and keep your website “relevant.” Keep it simple but keep your blog updated as frequently as you can – twice or three times a week is best.

7) Relationship-building with Ambassadors

Do you have a “team” willing to highlight your products and services on their blog, website, or mailing list? Now is a great time to develop ongoing marketing relationships with bloggers, affiliates, or product reviewers who can help spread the word about your product.

8) Discount Coupons are ready

Do you have loyalty rewards, points for a purchase, or coupons available? Get ready and make sure that all coupon codes are ready, usable, and clearly marked.

9) In-store, in-person events

Can you be a part of a popup event, festival, craft fair, or other holiday activity? Use your events to drive your calendar and invite people to come out and sample your wares. If you can have an in-person appearance or special activity (hint! try and incorporate moms with small kids!) that’s also a great way to update your website.

10) E-newsletter sign up in place

MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response or Drupal’s Simplenews are all great ways to keep in touch with your clients. Make sure you capture their information upon signup or checkout so you can contact them again.


Ready, set, go! Have a great holiday season and happy selling!

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