Ten Green Tips For Summer

1) Leftover bacon grease can serve as a candle. Just put a wick in (a strip of cut-up old denim jeans works). Think of other ways to reuse waste items — you'd be surprised.


bike2) Biking is a great way of getting to your destination. Connect up a passenger seat and you can bring along family,friends, or interested passers-by.


3) Bring your own bag. What was odd and extreme behavior five years ago is now expected– and in some places, required — behavior.


4) Bring your own fork, spoon, knife, and takeaway container. Quit the styrofoam and plastic clamshell habit, and bring your own cutlery and BPA-free container for to-go items.


5) Compost food waste. Your composting habit can be as simple as a small container that you dump into the larger compost pile daily, or as complex as an earthworm box or ComposTumblr for all your food waste, leftover produce, peels, and chopped-off ends.


6) Sun-dry. Put your wet clothes on a clothesline to dry – this becomes easier and makes more sense as the weather gets warmer and sunnier.


7) Kids love water play. Give them your dirty dishes and small laundry items, or encourage them to wash the car while they're out playing with the garden hose.


8) Institute a rule of lights and electronics off at sunset. This means a full day of work and play, and then a good night's sleep for everyone.


9) Get the gardening green thumb going. Have each child in your neighborhood plant two items in your garden bed (or have a community day where you dig up a garden bed), and when the produce comes up, have them sell the products "lemonade stand" style. You could do this yourself, too.


10) Start up an eco-friendly business. If you don't have one already, start up a microenterprise. This may mean buying in bulk from your favorite green supplier and reselling products, creating your own items for sale, offering services to your friends, family, and local green business community, or becoming a supplier or affiliate. Get involved with my new enterprise: CoSustainable.com- the premier marketplace for eco-friendly and sustainable products. Coupon code: GREENGIRLS.


Monica S. Flores, web developer at 10kWebdesign, believes in the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits. She creates effective, engaging websites for women-owned companies, green businesses, and progressive organizations: her focus is on organic, holistic, fair trade, and sustainable work. Follow her on Twitter as @monicadear.

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