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Would you like to enjoy houseplants, flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs…but you can't commit to long hours of planning and troubleshooting?  Three words:  EasyBloom Plant Sensor.  It's the easy way to a beautiful organic garden.


Before you plant a thing, EasyBloom takes precise readings of the sunlight, temperature, humidity, and soil moisture in your garden or indoor space.  Then it searchs the EasyBloom plant library of over 6,000 plants, and tells you exactly what plants will thrive in that space.  You will also find specific planting tips and care, not to mention the option to filter your recommendations by plant size, edibles, drought tolerant, deer resistant, bloom color, bloom season, and more!


Understanding proper growing conditions is extremely important for organic gardeners.  The right plants in the right place will keep the plants happy and healthy.  This means there is less chance of insect infestation and the need for fertilizer.


I'm currently testing this product myself.  I'm gardening in a new zone this year, and I want to know which plants will do well in this particular flower bed in the backyard.  Prior to ammending the soil, I simply registered my EasyBloom, chose the recommend mode, placed the "root" sensors in the ground, and pressed start.  In 24 hours I will remove the flower, plug the top half into my USB port, and chose from the plant menu.  Absolutely love this technology, can't wait to share the results.


   EasyBloom2 EasyBloom1

If you already have plants, EasyBloom tells you if the conditions are good for growing that particular plant in that space and if not, what changes you can make that will help them thrive and look their best.

EasyBloom includes three modes of use:


RECOMMEND-Allows you to find the optimal plant for any location where you place the sensor.  Simply place the EasyBloom where you want to grow a plant.  After 24 hours, plug it into a USB port on your PC or Mac.  The software reads the information, alalyzes it against the database of plants, and recommends what's needed to have a beautiful garden.


MONITOR-Sets the sensor to monitor an existing plant.  Place the EasyBloom next to an existing plant for a full watering cycle, then plug it into the USB port.  The "Plant Doctor" will tell you about the sunlight, soil, and temperature for that spot; and give you the (green) thumbs up or thumbs down advice.  The Plant Doctor will also tell you what changes to make.


WATER-Gauges whether a plant needs water when inserted into the soil.  In this mode simply cary a watering can around with you while inserting the sensor into the soil next to plants.  It will emit an audible alarm if the plant needs watering.


EasyBloom is completely reusable.  So take as many readings as you would like.  Indoors or outdoors.  Everywhere you use it, you can look foward to the same result.  Less time troubleshooting, and more time enjoying the garden.  Now that's what I call Fit to Garden! 



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