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Today I sat out on the new daybed at the beach watching the waves.  I could not help but smile … I felt so proud …Ken and I had just finished lunch, which had been a nice salad.  Before he left my side, we were already making plans for dinner and he made reference to the fact that last night we reused our excess salad dressing for the marinade on our locally caught fish –and he was excited we had figured out we could do that!  This showed me how much Ken truly cares about the way we are living … it was just a small thing but I think it speaks louder than the decision we are trying to make for our next car purchase.  Small details count.  He cares with all is heart and is making the most sincere attempt to live a conscious life more in sync with the rhythms of Nature.

Greening The Crystal Method
Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland
The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method started getting into the green about a year and a half ago when I made it my mission to help them go green with my company, Green Wave. It seems easy to have influence on the people that are closest to you in your life.  Set a good example, and they will follow.  Ken already recycled and voted at the time I met him.  Living with me just kicked it up a notch ;) You can read about more of our personal efforts in a previous blog although we continue to improve upon them (i.e. Ken biking to work at least one day a week).

Greening The Crystal Method
The bracelet says, "Stop Global Warming" 

For The Crystal Method, one of the first initiatives was taking on a more aggressive recycling program at their studio. The guys order our a lot since they slave over their work in the studio and therefore created a lot of waste from take out containers.  I have the guys now in practice of rinsing out their plastic, styrofoam, and any aluminum so they can toss such items into the recycling. If the guys decide to pick up their to-go food, they make every effort to remember to bring their own bag and ask in advance for no bags or disposable utensils (as they have reusable silverware at the studio).

Greening The Crystal Method
After the show w/ eco-table volunteer in Chicago 

Last summer, the guys were part of the very first and now historically epic  Rothbury; a landmark music festival for sustainability. Although I had no part in their booking, I informed Ken that Rothbury was having a Think Tank which he could be part of in several ways.  After such disclosure, he decided on his own to be part of the Think Tank by participating on a panel discussion regarding green media as well as being the official Think Tank dj for the last day of the festival.  It was from the Rothbury festival that we found out about the company, Sabertec.  Sabertec produces a tailpipe piece called The BLADE that acts as a filter to reduce particulate matter, carbon emissions, and increase fuel economy.  It was through my follow up efforts that the guys both got themselves outfitted and their one employee with BLADES and they ended up spinning at Sabertec's the "Drive the Change" event in Venice to celebrate the launch of Sabertec in the California market. Last September The Crystal Method headlined the L.A. Earthdance, a private event at a hillside home in the Valley, which raised funds for Green Wave initiatives.

Naturally the guys, with the assistance of Green Wave, started investigating ways to minimize their impact with their new tour in celebration of their 4th studio album, Divided by Night.

Our first initiative was to green their hospitality rider, which is the sheet that tells the venues they play at what they guys need in their personal dressing room in regards to food and beverage, as well as what their crew might need in the same regard. The rider was greened by Green Wave of course ;) Also with the new green rider, the guys committed to further reducing resources.  It highlights mainly the minimization of disposables, and waste, and a request for recycling bins in the dressing room at each venue.

Greening The Crystal Method
Green Rider is working!  Organic products 

Highlights of the new Green Rider for TCM: 

  • An affirmation heading the rider stating that TCM is committed to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • The reduction of disposables:
  • Requesting reusable plate ware, cutlery, and glassware or cups to be used for both crew and dressing rooms
  • Reducing the amount of individual plastic water bottles, requesting 2 gallon containers to minimize recyclable waste
  • Reduction of waste by requesting recycling containers be present (at each venue)

When reusables are not present TCM has requested only the purchase of brands that have made some sort of commitment to a sustainable future such as Seventh Generation (for things such as napkins), Bare (for plates), or even the Recycline (for toothbrushes) and Tom's (for mouthwash).  Consumer choices count in our battle against climate change so brands for products and beverages have been chosen for sustainability, unless we cold not find a suitable substitute.

Greening The Crystal Method

TCM believes food choices are incredibly important for the health of our over stressed planet.  Organic foods are produced without pesticides or herbicides, which are made typically out of a by-product of petroleum. Organic foods therefore cut down on pollution, which gets into our air and water streams, as well as cuts down on our addiction to oil.  Organic foods also guarantees that they do not contain genetically modified organisms which we have no data on the long term effects on humans and also means there are no antibiotics like rGBHT.  There is a request for not just organic but local and seasonal produce.  Organic produce also typically supports sustainable farming practices such as crop rotation, which helps nurture and replenish the soil.  Local cuts down the carbon footprint from the shipment of the food, and seasonal produce respects the laws of the Earth's natural rhythms.  We believe that a healthier crew results in a healthier and more positive show.  We are a reflection of how we treat the Earth.  If we are healthy, so typically will be the Planet.  

So the green rider features:  

  • Whole Wheat breads
  • Organic produce, meats,
  • Local and organic produce
  • Wine made with organic grapes or grown biodynamically (such as Bonterra or Grigch Hills)
  • Organic beer (such as Fat Tire)
  • Organic Vodka (such as 360, Ocean, Tru, or Veev)

The “TCM GREEN” initiatives also included an onboard recycling program headed by crew member and merchandise manager, Ross Berkson (though this joyful duty would later be passed on to me).

 Thanks to the new, progressive and edgy company, RevengeIs, Ken and Scott along with their entire crew, bus driver, and opening dj's were equipped with the RevengeIs reusable hybrid mug which accommodates both hot and cold beverages reducing their use of styrofoam or paper for morning or evening coffee and cuts back on their use of plastic bottles.  

In addition to the Rider, The Crystal Method has Green Wave created an initiative to bring in both local and national environmental organizations to the shows for a chance to showcase different environmental causes in hopes of raising awareness to attendees and hopefully inspiring activism. In addition to Tweeting and posting to their website, other social media such as MySpace and Facebook and through their iPhone application about carpooling, we felt our “ECO-TABLE” initiative would be a way to offset the footprint of the show; offsetting by impacting (through education).  

Greening The Crystal Method
After the show in Boston –Ken's shirt is like the new green rider mantra

I also got Ken styled out in all green threads.  He actually came to me one day and told me he only wanted to wear eco-friendly or conscious clothing as much as possible on tour –so I delivered.  Ken sported Revengeis, Sanuks, Simple Shoes, Covenant Green, Rise Up International, 7 Lightning Bolt, Infitnity, Black Viper, and the t’s from our “Eco-table” non-profits such as Save the Blue, 1 Sky, and Sea Sheperds. NextAid, and Nate Organics (part of the sustainable fashion Canadian group, Fashion High).  Scott liked to deck out in Imaginary Foundation, Revengeis, Covenant Green, and Nate Organics.

Greening The Crystal Method
Janine Sports Covenant Green / Green Wave Founder self-portrait, New Orleans House of Blues May 2009

I give these guys a lot of credit for wanting to do the right thing and use whatever influence they have to spread a positive message.  The more people we have on board the better.  Just like it says in one of their hit songs, “There is Hope” (from Vegas album, Keep Hope Alive).

Learn more about Janine at Green Wave Enterprises 

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