TCM ECO TABLE Divided By Night Tour 2009

I would say the Eco-Table was our crowning achievement for the tour. Although I believe I could make it more successful on a next run, considering I had 2 weeks of prep time, we pulled off something near miraculous.

The Eco-table concept served a few functions: general environmental awareness, The Crystal Method's commitment to showcase local organizations, and "offsetting-through-education".

I started by researching organizations in each city. This took quite awhile actually. I came up with a list of appropriate organizations we thought we would reach out to. Ken wanted the organizations to be local to that city so as to raise not just general environmental awareness but awareness of environmental issues that actually affect people in that local area and to showcase some of the people that go to bat for them daily.

Prior to confirming the organizations, I had to get it cleared through the venues. This took the most time for me as I had to find the appropriate person to speak with and it often took 2 or 3 phone calls to get the right person. I now know many things to streamline this process :)

By the time I actually left for the tour, I only had one Eco-table actually set-up, the GreenCorps of Boston, for the first show. Everyday I was on tour I was calling on organizations and coordinating with venues. It took me about a week to get "ahead" of myself since I was also doing photos and some video during the shows, socializing after with the guys and the fans, then uploading content onto their sites, and of course trying to secure my Eco-table organization for the next night.

Offsetting through Education is my concept of being environmentally proactive. Not everyone believes in paying a company for carbon off-sets since we don't really know how the money is spent. Offsetting through Education is the idea that we can change the world and reduce our carbon footprint through our own actions, teach by example (for instance with the Green Rider, encouraging public transportation or carpooling, talking to people about environmental issues i.e. the eco-table) not just by paying someone a fee and going about our usual business. To pay for carbon off-set's additionally to making changes in our behavior and encouraging activism and education might be theoretically "better", however, you can consider that carbon-offset payment went to my time for organizing these green initiatives.  I think that counts.

A special thanks to the organizations that participated in our Eco-table initiative and also to those that were trying to be part of it and were not able to:

  • Sam Schabacker from Food and Water Watch
  • Eric Lineback from Vote Hemp
  • Willow Bish Slow Food Boston And Julie Schaffer from Slow Food Atlanta!
  • Cindy Kang GreenCorps
  • Windfall Ecology Centre
  • Mario from Miami Surfrider
  • Desert Foothills Land Trust -Stacey Fischer
  • Tucson Clean and Beautiful
  • BC Sustainable Energy Association – Jason Steeghs
  • Milwaukee Riverkeeper -Paul Schwarzkopf
  • Aspen Center for Environmental Studies
  • ReDirect Guide
  • REAP Calgary
  • Environmental youth Alliance -Samantha Carlton
  • Fashion High -Laura Norbury
  • Environmental Youth Alliance
  • 1Sky Houston
  • EarthShare St. Louis
  • Rose from Save The Blue
  • Sea Shepherds
  • Doug Singer of William Morris Agency
  • Lauren Segal & Jessica from NextAid

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