Tart Cherries – a great secret for keeping you young!

When my kids were little, we had a tart cherry tree in
our backyard.  I loved baking sour cherry pies and would
take the kids outside as I picked cherries.  The funny
thing is my baby loved them and ate them as fast as I
could pick them.  I was worried he’d end up with a tummy
ache, but that didn’t stop him.  But what I didn’t
realize at the time was the amazing health benefits
those cherries had and especially when eaten raw.  I
should have just forgotten those yummy pies and plopped
down and gobbled them up with him.


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New studies are showing
that these beautiful red cherries have more health
benefits that ever imagined for the body and the mind. 

They provide over 17 vital
anti-oxidants which help fight inflammation and free
radicals that otherwise promote aging. 

All cherries are nutrient
rich, but darker , tart cherries contain more phenolic,
called anthocyanins.  That is what give cherries their
anti-inflammatory ability.  One additional benefit of
the tart cherry is the low sugar content.

People with the following
ailments may benefit from tart cherries:

  • diabetes

  • heart

  • high
    blood pressure

  • arthritis

  • gout

  • weight

  • sleep

  • neurodegenerative

For those that have
difficulty sleeping tart cherries may bring some relief,
too.  Several studies, including one from the Journal of
Medicinal Food, show improved sleep as a result of
patients drinking tart cherry juice twice daily. 
Because of the natural melatonin in tart cherries, many
patients with insomnia are enjoying an improvement in
sleep patterns.  YAY, dad, did you hear that!?  =)

A study from OHSU indicates
that athletes were able to overcome injuries and
inflammation by drinking tart cherry juice quicker than
with over the counter or prescription medications.  In
addition to lower inflammation, they also had faster
muscle strength recovery.

So where do you go to get
your tart cherries?  We recommend staying with the
purest option for the most nutrients.  So those cherries
right from the tree are the best, no matter how old you
are.  But what about when they’re out of season?  Look
for tart cherry juice or juice concentrate. 

We’ve tried several brands
and this is what we’ve found: 
Some juices & concentrates
are really watered down, but there are also some
wonderful ones out there.    Here is a link to the brand
we like best and the cheapest place we could find it. 

What about powders or
pills?  We don’t recommend powders or pills as they’ve
been processed.

Here’s to your health! 
Drink up!



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