Taking care of the Noni

The Noni defines us as women. Perhaps some of you call it Vagina, Kitty, Pussy … I call it Protea sometimes (you can read one of my past blogs to find out why). We need to take care of Her, that part of us and if we don't we can suffer from yeast infections, and from sex urinary tract infections. It's important to keep her clean. I feel it is extremely important to tap into our inner goddess by coming back into contact with what makes us a woman. So befriend your Noni and learn to listen to her.

Our Noni cleans Herself. Douching is not necessary. What is necessary is cleaning the external area, all of our little folds and crevices. I recommend water. Filter and purify it to make it more of a ritual. You might also like to add a splash of rose water which makes the experience seem more beautiful. You may use a "wash" of some sort, however, water works just fine and finding a wash requires some trial and error as we are sensitive down there and even a natural soap could case a sensation of burning or irritation.

If you are worried about your scent because you feel it is particularly strong, you may have bacterial vaginosis. There is a great book called Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous which describes different herbal remedies you can take to combat some of our girlie complications.

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If you experience dryness or would like some extra internal lubrication before a love making session, you may insert a wheat germ gel cap. If you do this before sex, do it about an hour before. I would also tell your partner as the wheat germ oil has it's own light scent that is not bad but might just be different. You will discharge some of the moisture so you may also want to change into fresh panties. If you don't wear panties …then you would probably feel forced to clean up a little beforehand anyway :)

I believe preventative health is one of the greenest things we can do for ourselves and our planet. We are currently in an allopathic and corporate drug nightmare of a system. We can develop female hygiene problems from basically what we put on or in our bodies: inorganic and processed foods, toxins from the products we use on ourselves, in our home and businesses, stress from the wound up life our culture has created and pollution in the environment.

We should leave allopathic medicine as a last resort and learn to take care of ourselves.

  • Meditate
  • Do some sort of exercise
  • Eat whole and organic foods
  • Choose natural products for self and home
  • Learn to use herbal remedies and affirmations to heal ourselves before resorting to drugs

Drugs don't work immediately either so why not choose an alternative at least once that will not poison you or support the toxic legal drug industry? Nature created a beautiful system for self healing, we should learn to develop patience, and faith in Her systems and listen to the secrets She wishes to share.

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