Take it off!

It's summer time so take it off ladies! It's easier I suppose when you come to a place like Costa Rica to have the feeling like you want and actually could simplify your life as a woman. Makeup doesn't last long here even if you wanted to wear it and really, when you walk around these beachy towns, you are reminded of the natural beauty all of us women possess. Many of the women us city dwellers would liken ourselves to (namely the ex-pats) either seem to surf or do yoga –these girls look great. Regardless, every woman down here is tan and wears no to minimal make-up or clothes for that matter. These girls are au natural and I love it.

Eco-Panda Fashion Show Launch 
Photo: Eco-Panda Fashion Show Launch

So here's my advice this summer -Take it off!

Strip your mind clean with some philosophy by Krishnamurti or woman empowering words by Sheila Kelly.

Wear less. It's summer. Who needs clothes? Bathing suits are fine :) Check out Eco-Panda's new line.

Drop the products! Look into organic virgin coconut oil. This is my saving grace out here in Costa Rica. I use it on food or to cook with (look into the health benefits of coconut oil). I use it as a hair treatment, a moisturizer for my skin both face and body (and I'm not worried if I'm dry, combination, or oily), and I use it additionally as a supplement to my skin protection from the sun.

Wear less make-up. Check out www.safecosmetics.org for reasons to drop your old brands if you need new ones (because you think you can't give it up) just choose safe ones. What is good for the planet is usually good for you as well. For recommendations on products, go to your local green store or check out Vert in Venice (either in person or online). Really though, make-up, you don't need it (or definitely not as much).

Learn to feel at peace with yourself. If you feel you can't do this naturally, I would recommend going to some yoga classes to learn to love yourself from the inside out. Going natural will somehow start to happen naturally. Maybe you've done yoga though and you need more … take some strip/ pole dancing classes, seriously. If you go with S Factor, I would take S Expresses so you aren't obligated to be enrolled in something for weeks on end. I have heard good things about BeSpun as well and there is a Hollywood class once a week on through Meetup.com. I cannot tell you how liberating it will be for you as a woman to dance like this even if just for yourself. LIB-ER-ATING! Do it! You will not regret it.

So again, be confident this summer and take it off; you will realize all you really need, is you ;)

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