Take A Stand


Today I had lunch at The Dressing Room.  It was a good lunch.  On the back of their take-out menu, they advertise their produce coming only from organic farmers, however, they don't recycle.  I didn't end up finishing my entire salad anyway, but even if I had finished it, I still would have taken my container home to recycle.  I do this frequently.

So what can you do in this situation?

A) Make a stand!  Take it home, recycle it.  Hopefully you have a reusable bag with you –I say always BYOB (bring your own bag).  [more]

If that is too much for you then …

B) Make a different stand! Ask the manager (politely) why they don't have a program for recycling and if they are taking any consideration into implementing one.  If "A" was not too much for you, do this too!

What if they don't have a plan?  Maybe …

C) You should think of one for them.  I am sure they are open to suggestions.  The more suggestions, the more likely they are to eventually do something.

We can always stand back and do nothing but if you're reading this blog, somewhere in your soul you must be tired of standing back.  Perhaps your conscience nags at you … so … do something.  Little things add up.  Once you start to make a proactive choice you will feel empowered to do more and … it rubs off.  Other people will follow you.  Sometimes people are just waiting for someone else to care and make a stand first.  I encourage you to be that person.

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