Sustainably Beautiful Engagement Rings

The number one selling engagement ring style is the basic, prong-set, diamond solitaire. It isn't that this is the most beautiful, it is simply the easiest option for male consumers, who have traditionally been the ones purchasing engagement rings. While few women would show disappointment if presented with a diamond engagement ring of any style, increasingly, women are hoping for a ring that is a bit more unique and a lot more sustainable.

Dawes Design offers "sustainably beautiful" options for the modern bride (and groom). Each piece is hand-crafted in the Northern California Dawes studio from recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.

"I try to leave as small a footprint on this planet as possible," said Jennifer Dawes, founder and designer of Dawes Design. Jennifer is one in a growing community of jewelry designers who demonstrate that beauty and sustainability do go hand in hand. So ladies, tell your boyfriends that you want a Dawes Design engagement ring on your hand. Dawes Design makes it easy by offering a huge selection of unique and responsible styles.

Author: Meghan Connolly Haupt is the founder and principal of C5 sustainable fine jewelry offering custom design services and ready-to-wear pieces that you can feel good about.

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