Sustainable Jewelry – The Palma Collection


Sometimes called "vegetable ivory," Tagua nuts have been used for centuries by the South American people to carve all sorts of fashion accessories and other useful items, including buttons, necklaces, chess pieces, pipes, and more. Lately, these sustainable alternatives to gems have been used in making fashionable mainstream jewelry. Few use them more creatively than the Palma Collection. After the seeds fall from the trees along the coast of South America, they are collected, polished, cut, drilled, and dyed. The result is beautiful, brightly colored jewelry that is eco-conscious, affordible, eclectic, and one of a kind. Recently, Jaszy had an interview with the Palma Collection CEO Alvaro Toledo about the creative process and the future of fashionable jewelry.


Jaszy McAllister publishes Modern Hippie Mag, an online resource dedicated to promoting hip, healthy conscious living and environmental sustainability.

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