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Recently I surrendered to the fact that I may need corrective lenses.   The optometrist informed me that my vision was in check, but my astigmatism had progressed significantly.  The Rx?  I simply need to wear glasses while working on the computer and while driving at night.


I was excited about the new fashion statement opportunity!  I shopped around and researched my options.  I was delighted to discover a fabulous company, Earth Conscious Optics (ECO).


ECO provides a radically new approach to sustainable eyewear.  The company focuses on recycling, planting, and donating. 



ECO's sylish eyewear is produced with a minimum of 95% recycled metal and plastic certified by UL Environment.


One Frame-One Tree

ECO works with Trees for the Future to plant and restore trees in degraded lands and educate communities on environmental stewardship.  Trees are essential to the environment.  They clean our air, filter our water systems, and provide a habitat for wildlife.  ECO plants a tree for every frame sold.  In partnership with Modo, ECO estimates planting over half a million trees in 2010!



ECO encourages consumers to donate their unwanted eyewear to people in need around the world, subsequently keeping frames out of landfills.  Simply send your unwanted eyewear to ECO's collection center, which in turn will forward to the appropriate organization.


Hundreds of millions of people around the world use corrective eyewear, what a wonderful opportunity to make a difference! 


Psssst, be sure to shop the collection for trendy sunglasses as well.


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