Summer’s best chic & green bargains!

We all know times are tough and budgets are tight (though I heard today the unemployment is down & the economy is finally inching toward an upswing!).  And every week on my own blog, Living GwG, we cover a great, "green" inexpensive find.  This week, with the weather turning warmer and the good news about the economy's turnaround… I thought I would share some of my favorite Bargain Buys!

First up, the stylish, sustainable & super-sturdy jute totes by June Fifteen.  I actually have one of these and I have to say… I use it EVERY DAY for groceries, thrift shopping, my computer – you name it!  I can’t say enough good.  I kinda thought the rattan handles were going to be a pain, but not at all!  And at $17 a piece… total bargain!

Next… the not-too-Margarita-glassy Margarita glass.  I typically don’t care for “Margarita” glasses, with their cactus stems or blue rims (gag.), but check out
these lovelies from Target.  Clean, modern lines, crafted from recycled glass and at $20 for a set of 4… they’re a steal!

And my final pick, the oh-so-tasty Fairhills Cabernet!  A hearty cab with aromas of dark fruit, coffee and black tea that lead into fresh strawberry fruit… and a finish with good acidity and layers of smoke.  I’m not exactly a wine expert, but it was interesting and approachable at the same time.  I also learned that the Fairhills company buys grapes from a collective of ten farms in Argentina, South Africa and Chile – that employs/houses 1300 adults and their children.  The “members” of these co-ops are paid fair prices to sustain themselves and their communities.  


It’s avail at – Whole Foods AND Cost Plus/World Market… how easy is that???  Wait for it… it gets better… the price tag for this well-rounded, fairly made wine – a mere $10!  Times are tight, but you’re still being asked to dinner parties, right?  Here’s the perfect contribution… not only to your festive evening, but to the 1300 global farmers & family members paid healthy wages to produce this deliciousness.  I’ll drink to that!

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