(Video) Summer Medical Mission – Beijing, China

Summer Medical Mission – Beijing, China

As I’m sitting on the train now heading to Taipei, looking back at the mission trip has been one of the most memorable trips and it really made a huge impact in my life.  It all started in the beginning of this year at our annual church wide 10 day fast.  It was my first time fasting; no coffee, no tea, I think I almost died but I persevered. The last day I had a strong impression the Lord wanted me to go somewhere.  ”Go in my name” and ” I am a child of God” The two phrases pierced in my heart.  I wasn’t sure where to go at first but I told the Lord if he wanted me to go somewhere then I’ll let Him take care of it, and but I also have high expectations of Him.  At first I thought about going to Africa, one of the places I really wanted to visit, but it didn’t fit my schedule.  Then March came along and the church announced this summers mission trip.  Perhaps the Lord wants to go I thought, so I signed up.  Because it was mainly a medical mission, I thought of signing up Beijing since I know a little Mandarin, Vietnam I may get lost and can’t do much.  The Lord was good to me during the training, it fitted my schedule fairly well and I had generous donors for my funds.  Because each of us estimated cost to be $5000, most of us worried about the funds.  The Lord had already prepared it for me, the first two weeks I received $5,400.  Sweet I thought!  Maybe it is meant for me to go on this trip.

Summer Medical Mission – Beijing, China

Little did I know this was just the beginning of my amazing journey.   The summer medical missions. During month of May pastor Sung came and debriefed us where we are going and what we will do there, destination; Guizhou, China.  I called my father in Taiwan a week later and let him know.  He said, “oh really, do you know your mother is from there?” To give you a brief background of myself, I was raised by my grandparents on my father side.  My parents were divorced when I was 6, I did not have many memories of my mother, and also she died of cancer when I was 19.  Her side of family has always been a mystery to me.  So after the call with my father, I cried.  Of all the places in China, what are the odds that I’m going to Beijing and Guizhou, the two places where my parents came from.  From the training time until mission trip the Lord revealed many things about my family.  I discovered I had relatives in Guangxi, near south of Shanghai.  My grandma’s sister was the first Christian in my family, she received Christ because a missionary went to her village, she was transformed and my grandfather then became a Christian, and it was my grandfather’s faith that impacted my faith.  God is faithful to all generations.

Throughout our mission trip, the Lord is faithful.  The meds that we thought we needed to purchase were miraculous donated two weeks prior to the trip.  God is so great!  Also I had an amazing team.  I was the only non- medical person on the team; Jay is a doctor, Connie a nurse, Yoonhee a pharmacist, and Sam a dentist, I am a real estate broker! Professionally I had nothing to offer to the team except I know some Mandarin and I like to take pictures, I was the water girl for the team.  But the Lord reminded me that I am going as His child, that’s all it mattered.  I tried to be useful; gave people water, took pictures, translate when needed, laid hands and prayed, etc.. but the best times being able to worship with brothers and sisters at my mothers birthplace.  How marvelous the Lord led me back after 68 years to serve and worship Him at a place I never imagine I can go, it was beyond my expectations! I didn’t have to worry about being sick; I had my own hospital and pharmacy.  Though we had a few bumps on the road such as the opposition from the Guizhou officials where we had to transfer to Yunan Province and continue our clinic there, moving all the boxes everywhere, the long train ride, the heavy rain, tummy trouble, the Holy Spirit protected us and led us every step of the way.   God usually speaks to me through impressions and visions.  When I prayed, words of knowledge and visions came very fast and very clear.  God also knows my love for nature, we were at high mountain region, about 9000 sq ft, I enjoyed God’s beautiful creations everyday.  Like how David worshiped, I had some of the best worship time there alone with the Lord.

Though it was a medical mission, personally I felt like I was on a vacation with my Heavenly Father.  He was planning to do great works in China anyway, He just asked me to “go in His name”.   He asked me because He knows there’s something missing in my life, and He wanted to fill me.  From this trip, God revealed to me my entire mother’s history I never would have known or experienced.  Also He extended my trip to visit my extended family in China and Taiwan, I received blessings beyond my expectations, which is too long to mention.  He provided everything, the finances, my awesome team, the logistics, everything is orchestrated perfectly in His ways, I lack nothing, I felt complete.  I learned so much from this trip.  I learned that when our Heavenly Father want us to do something, go somewhere, forgive someone, let something go, or reconcile with someone, He wants us to obey Him not because He want us to suffer; He wants to bless us, set us free!  Our Heavenly father loves us so much, He knows every detail of us; the number of hairs on our heads, our past, present, future, and the things I didn’t even expect, it’s beyond my understanding.  I felt so blessed and free I wanted to become a blessing wherever the Lord leads me. When I went to Shanghai to visit Billy and Kelly, they introduced me as a missionary to their home group, I realized the Lord has done something to me.  I have become a walking testimony! So far He led me through Beijing, Shanghai, Luozhou, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to tell my journey.  Everyone is amazed at my story and is blessed.  Like the missionary that went to my grand aunts village 60 years ago, I hope someone in Guizhou or Yunan says their lives are transformed because missionary went to their village.  I thank the Lord to allow me to participate in His works, it was such a privilege, such an honor, I was rewarded ten folds.  Though it’s my first missionary trip, it will definitely not be my last.

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