Successful Juice Fast Tips! (Day 4) Breaking Fast & Eating Raw

We made it! Today is day 4 of our juice fast & tonight we’ll be breaking fast with a raw soup dinner.

Today’s juice fast tip is assess the results and enjoy the benefits!!  As I mentioned on the video, the short few days of fasting have made a huge difference.

Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed in the last 4 days:

  • No more tension headaches
  • More energy
  • Waking up earlier
  • No bloated feeling
  • Lost 4lbs
  • Feeling of wellness
  • Feeling of clarity

I hope these tips help you on your juice fast journey! Cheers to your health!

Don’t forget to check out our video tips from the past 3 days! Day 1 Video, Day 2 Video & Day 3 Video

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