(Video) Successful Juice Fast Tips! Day 2

Day 2, baby! Got through the first day of the juice fast and moving on to tackle day 2! Here are some simple tips to get you through the day and help subside any hunger pains.

  1. Sip on Green Tea. I <3 peach flavored green tea.
    You can sip on green tea in between juices. This is super helpful because it feel like there’s always something in your stomach. Plus I love the fruity flavors. It’s almost like dessert. :)
  2. Drink water
    Before I went on my first juice fast, I was addicted to diet Pepsi. The fast completely got rid of my cravings for soda. Now, I only drink water with my meals.  During the fast, I find it very helpful to drink a lot of water.
  3. Take advantage of the free time.
    You will find that during the fast,  you will seem to have more time. Take advantage of the free time and focus on current projects or anything else that you’ve been meaning to attend to.
  4. Grab a partner.
    Everything is easier when you go at it as a team. As I mentioned on the Day 1 post, my husband and I are doing the fast together. It would be more challenging if I was on my own while he scarfed on a vegan meal. Luckily, we are on the same page.


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