Stop Zapping Your Food

Raw foodists have warned us about the damage that is done to food when it is cooked.  Heat changes the make-up of food, and nutrients and beneficial enzymes can be destroyed.  Not to mention the digestive system has to work harder and longer to process cooked food.  This concern was taken a step further for me a couple of years ago as I was completing my Holistic Lifestyle Coach certification.  The question arose, what are the hazards of using microwave ovens


We discussed Robert O. Becker M.D.'s book The Body Electric and the dangers of simply standing next to a microwave.  We reviewed Swiss, Russian, and German scientific clinical studies on the effects of microwave cooking.  I was intrigued and continued research on the topic.  There is definitely controversial debate on the subject, but the read that turned me away from microwaves for good is published by Lita Lee, Ph.D.

The waves produced by a microwave oven damage the cell wall of foods to such a degree that the human gut receptors are not likely to recognize microwaved food particles as food subsequently causing an immune response.  The human body cannot metabolize these unknown by-products.  No atom, molecule, or cell of any organic system can withstand such destructive power.


Wisely banned from Russia, microwave ovens destroy some nutrients and turn some amino acids into carcinogens.  It is widely known that breast milk should never be microwaved, many hospitals even refuse to microwave breast milk.  So I definitely think avoiding the electromagnetic pollution entirely is a good idea.


Are you ready to stop zapping your food?  Take a few minutes and snoop around on the web and make an informed decision.  Microwaves are convenient, but with a little planning ahead you won't miss it at all.  If you need to reheat something, simply throw a skillet on the stove top or use a toaster oven.  It's fast, easy, and tastes better too!  You will probably find that you actually spend more time cooking from scratch, and that is definitely a healthier choice. 




Recyle your microwave at  This informative website includes a search engine that will help you find a recycling center in your area that accepts microwaves.


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