Stay Organic, Stay Fly w/ Broccoli City 9/09/09

There is a need for education in the urban communities about “Being Organic”. In collaboration with Apple Levy and the Green Girls, Green Grown and Sexy, and the “Eco-Diva”, Broccoli City, has joined forces to educate, stimulate, and foster relationships with the “Green” experience. The Stay Organic and Stay Fly event is a free mixer featuring “organic” liquor sponsored by VeeV.  The event takes place on September 9, 2009 at the Standard Hotel (@ 8300 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069) The questions to the urban communities about being “green” will begin to be resolved. Broccoli City with Apple Levy and The Green Girls, Green Grown and Sexy, and the “Eco-Divas” are teaming up to increase awareness, educate the community, and to bridge the urban gap to a more “organic and fly”, way of living.

Check Out Photos From The Event!


Broccoli City was started by a few young guys who were largely influenced by the urban community. With the growth of the BC Company, and the different experiences of each founder, they found a need in the urban community to be more conscientious of the “Earth”. They have stated that while they are not radical preaching tree-huggers, they understand the importance of our environment, and want to close the gap in the urban community. The BC motto is that “most people live on this earth, but Broccoli City lives in it”.

Apple Levy and The Green Girls, under the tutelage of Apple, have created a warm and educational resource of Green, Green and more green eco friendly information, through blogging, videos, photos and articles. [more]

Green Grown and Sexy is composed of two- LA based city girls. Follow the passion of the Sexy duo, animal rights, recycling , taking baby steps in taking care of the environment  They wanted to be educated about Green, and that’s what they’re doing, join the movement.

Eco-Diva, is the Green guru of gurus, a freelance eco writer and consultant, she is the one to go to. If you interested in style, but not just any style, “ethical luxury”, you must contact he. The “green” way, she’s the one to contact. 

VeeV is the World’s First Acai Spirit.  Its goal is to change the way consumers think about cocktails and in the end, the way cocktails are ultimately consumed.  Acai, the exotic Brazilian berry taking the world by storm, is said to be one of the healthiest fruits on the planet.

Join forces with us, this event will feature MTV breakout artist, Inglewood's Next Hip Hop contribution
Thurzday and YO (2008) U-N-I.

Event Dj will be Printz Paul (Broccoli City)

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