State of Green Business

The evolution of the environmental movement has oscillated from the media and the congress floor to the back of agendas for the past four decades.   In recent years the movement has been taken on a new surge, wrapped in scientific data, images and graphs offering proof to naysayers that, in fact, we have a global problem and humanity is at the crux.

State of Green Business Forum 2010

Through the past several decades a new form of doing business has taken root.  This new way of operation has taken apart what had been known as business as usual and has created a new dogma – one that stands for far greater objectives than the bottom line.  This new form of Capitalism which views life as an inherent part of business creates economic, social and environmental value through social responsibility.

Today, green business is responsible for having created a new source of eco-nomics.  Eleven years ago the Dow Jones introduced the Sustainability Index, considered to be the first global platform in which indexes were tracked and measured for companies that held the model of the triple bottom line – people, planet, profit.  

With green business having started on a grassroots plane, it has continued to gain momentum using the strategy of integration from the top down and the bottom up while harnessing the power of the individual.  Through these years, there have been visionaries and their companies serving as pillars, nurturing their ideas and exploring the vast territories encompassing green business.  

For the past ten years, has been a beacon of information, resources and education for individuals and business.  Aside from being the flagship site for Greener World Media, they offer market specific websites for technology, building, design and of course business.  Boasting a strong portfolio, GreenBiz provides businesses with indispensable tools through the form of conferences, annual reports, education, and networking. 

This is the time of year for one of GreenBiz's annual forum's, the State of Green Business, hosted by Joel Makower – dubbed by the Associated Press as "The guru of green business practices."  The forum is slated to cover innovative technology, marketing, green business, carbon management, and information technology. All the issues and business trends relative to each topic will be discussed amongst a dozen industry thought leaders through panels and lectures. 

The all day program will be led by a dynamic list of speakers aimed at creating a thought provoking experience to pique interest, attention and action.  The forum will wrap up with a networking opportunity to further expand and cross pollinate disciplines while expanding  our understanding of this evolving industry.

This event will be taken to Chicago and will be followed up by the release of GreenBiz's highly acclaimed annual report the State of Green Business

This event is geared at those on the cusp of green business and industry, intrigued in viewing eco-nomics from the cutting edge.

Event Information


Date:  February 4, 2010


PG&E's Auditorium

77 Beale Street (between Market and Mission) 
San Francisco, Ca 94105 

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