Start Planning Your Eco-Chic Wedding Before You Even Get Engaged…

I know, it’s bad enough that you’re calling on every last drop of patience in your body just to keep from planning your wedding prematurely and here I am making it worse by encouraging you do so.  However, I have a very good reason for this totally unacceptable behavior:  Ethics.

According to the Fairchild Bridal Group, about 26% of all marriage proposals are about to happen right now, between November and December.  Which means that your big moment could be right around the corner and you have a huge opportunity to influence a very significant ethical choice…even if you haven’t realized it yet.

The ring your soon-to-be-fiance buys you will either be connected to environmental destruction and social injustice or fair trade and ecological consideration.  Which will it be?

Are you aware that metal mining is the #1 toxic polluter in the country?  It is responsible for damaging drinking water, causing health issues, destroying agricultural lands, displacing indigenous communities , polluting the air and more.  And diamond and gemstone mining and dealing is no better.  Wrought with a dirty history of exploiting artisanal miners and workers, creating unsafe working conditions and funding rebel warfare, untraced gems are the cause of bloodshed and human abuse.

It’s easy for you and I to disconnect ourselves from these sad truths because they are not a part of our daily reality.  However, that would be a grave oversight because it is actually the US jewelry market, of which wedding rings are a large part, which is a primary driver of this broken system.

Luckily, there are a few forward thinking jewelers who have stepped up to the plate to take on this misconduct and they are bringing fair trade, less destructive options to the market in their effort to create a new, more equitable way of doing business.

I encourage you to have the discussion.  It doesn’t have to be a direct one if you feel it is inappropriate.  Drop a hint somehow, someway.  Mention an article your read.  Talk about a “friend” who has asked for an ethical engagement ring.  Suggest movie night at home and watch Blood Diamonds with Leonardo Dicaprio. 

Check out these fine pieces for a sneak peek at the beauty of socially responsible wedding jewelry.

Artisan Wedding Rings
Crafted by true artists who pour their creative talents into each ring using 100% recycled gold, platinum and silver as well as conflict-free Diamonds and fair trade gemstones.


CRED Jewellery
In sourcing materials, CRED seeks full transparency from mine to retail. CRED use natural stones and very rarely they will be heat-treated. The diamonds wherever possible come from fully traceable sources. All gold and platinum is supplied by their partners Oro Verde. 

Pictured below is the Princess V ring – A Princess cut diamond held in a ‘v’-claw setting, mounted on a tapering knife-edge.   From £1470

C5 Company
C5 specializes in custom designed wedding rings to reflect your unique taste.  They use recycled precious metals, fair trade gems and lab-grown genuine gems to minimize impact on the environment and protect workers rights.

Pictured below: 100% recycled 14K white gold, 21 ethically sourced white accent diamonds.  It is actually an engagement ring and a wedding ring that fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.


About the Author

Katherine DalPra is an eco-enthusiast and owner/designer of Green Diva, an eco chic jewelry boutique for brides and eco conscious women.



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