Spring Remodel on Dime

Well now that Spring is here some of us are getting a little antsy and our "inner interior designer" is just dying to remodel, redecorate or redo the room we just finished. Yikes! Now that all sounds fun, but who has the money to do a complete remodel in this economy? Don’t worry, there are some things you can do to give your place a fresh new look without breaking your piggy bank!
Paint is one of my best friends when it comes to remodeling any place. Giving a room a new coat of paint can completely transform it and give it a fresh new look, and believe me, there are plenty of eco-friendly options out there. Some options for No VOC paint include milk paint, clay paint and lime wash. I recently found ECOtrend http://www.naturalinteriorpaint.com/ that is paint made from the collegen particles found in eggshells! Now ladies don’t get any crazy ideas, just because it’s collegen and a natural product – you can’t inject this into your face! 
  Many of the big name brands you are familiar with have Zero VOC options (Volatile Organic Compounds) like Benjamin Moore Pristine Eco Spec, ICI Decra-Shield, Frazee Paint Envirokote, Sherwin Williams Harmony and Vista Care Free Earth. 

Remember, whatever brand you decide to go with there are a lot things you can do with the paint to "Remodel on Dime". 

Stencil a large image on your wall and create a unique piece of art, like this chrysanthemum stencil. 

  Find a piece of furniture around the house you can re-do with paint or go to your local thrift store for some inexpensive finds that need a new home. You can also paint your floor for visual interest. You can paint it all one color or for smaller areas you might want to stencil on a design. 



Most important – if you’re decorating a nursery you want to use the Non VOC paint and remember to be creative! Look at this nursery with its large alphabet letters in soothing neutral colors.

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