Spring is here! Celebrate w/ fantastic outdoor decor!

The weather’s getting warmer and we’ll all be hanging outdoors any day now.  So, there’s no time like the present to spruce up your outdoor space!  Whether you go for the rustic look, classic elegance or dig the modern vibe… I’ve found some of the best “eco” decor around for every style, every space.

I’m absolutely obsessed with these Ceramic Head planters.  They are glorious and oddball… I want one in each color… to create a movable herb garden.  How perfectly special!

If you’re in need of easy seating/small tabletops/statement-y plant stands, garden stools are the way to go.  They’re chic, versatile and luxe-looking (well, the good ones are).  And besides some beautiful vintage ceramic stools out there, the Recycled Aluminum “Miami” Garden Seat at Neiman Marcus (thanks Green Your Decor for the heads up!) is a serious show-stopper.  Modern, classical, tropical… and maybe even nautical, this seat will works it’s chic with many different styles!

I’m also a huge fan of bird watching (sounds a bit nerdy, I know).  I have an amazing array of wild birds that come to feast at the feeders I’ve placed around my house… and I could honestly watch them for hours!  But as to not have my home look like the Birdman of Alcatraz’, I make sure my bird-based pieces are as chic as everything else.

Enter this lovely and artful Recycled Glass Birdfeeder. Easy to fill (which not all are!) and easy on the eyes, it’s stylish, sustainable and gets the job done!

This recycled birdhouse is lovingly made by the students at Brown’s Foster Home in Rome, Maine.  Each little house is an individualistic work of art!  I particularly like this paint-splattered, ceramic doorknob number because of it’s 1980’s Soho meets historic Northeast vibe… Who wouldn’t want to live there?!


Now, take a load off and enjoy the warm weather with the oh-so-chic Modern take on the Adirondack rocker by Loll.   Available in 7 gorgeous colors, this rockin’ chair is made from 100% recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene)!

And what cheeky outdoor area would be complete without the company of a little guy known as the Garden Gnome?!  Let this little ceramic fellow cast a positive spell over your outdoor area… and may your Spring by simply magical!

Keeping it real… garden style!

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