Cutting down the climate   Hmmm let me name just a few … coal fired power plants, oil, any non-renewable energy sources, cutting down virgin forests, definitely the slash and burn of rain forests, and our incessant use of single use plastics.

Ok ok … I am sure you hear that all the time, and it will not be the last time you hear it from me. Here are some other ideas I think should be on the "let it go" list …the IRS, Balloons, Girlscout cookies, and chocolate bar fundraisers for schools?

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I probably shouldn’t be saying that the IRS needs to go since Green Wave is still pending it’s 501c3 status with them, however, their practices should probably be far more streamlined and truly, if we were to adopt the Fair Tax, (which is an amazing idea and book –please actually read it as you most likely do not have a concept of the idea unless you do as it has received minimal coverage in media and most often been misconstrued). In short … we use so much paper in the world. Right now we need the trees. Something should be done to either have it all online or the IRS should demand that companies turning in paperwork to their tax professionals and to them should be printed out on recycled paper. If we just moved to Fair Tax, we would just be paying a high sales tax like 25% BUT ONLY ON NEW ITEMS. So for us greenies that like to REUSE, we could buy anything we wanted at a second hand with no tax AND there would be NO income tax. Yup that’s it. Why hasn’t this passed by now? With industry comes interests, namely people who want to keep their jobs. Just imagine what we could do though if we could harness all the people power of industries that should just die and funnel them into new industries that will help us achieve a more healthy and sustainable world? I can imagine it would catapult us into the right direction.

Before I go on, there is a concept with the Shiva/Kali concept and many other cyclical and female energy/ essenced traditions; with death comes new birth and new opportunity. I will apply this to the concept of certain ideas and traditions. I do not condone the loss of life and mean to apply this only in the sense that we should give up ideas on foods, behaviors, or traditions that are not just outdated but harmful to us.  [more]

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So what else needs to go? Balloons! Let’s get over it, please ;) I don’t think that balloons make me or have ever made me happy other than for a fleeting moment. Can anyone honestly say that balloons have made them a better person today than they were before? What is their purpose? I really feel like it gives the person giving them a warmer, and more fuzzy feeling than the person who receives them. After the fleeting moment of gratitude when you have received balloons they typically are just there to hang out as decoration. If you are at a party they just become background at a certain point.

We need to get past old traditions that do nothing but add unrecycable waste to our ecosystem or become the death trap to sea and other animal life. We should not want something that serves little purpose and at the expense of life. We should be able, willing, and wanting to create some new tradition that we purport that is less harmful. We need to think this through a little bit. It may seem like I am being a hard ass but really … what is the deal with balloons? I think we should let them go! And not into the atmosphere but let them out of our mind.

Next …Girl Scout Cookies. Sorry girls, find something else! Girl Scouts could become Eco Warriors. They are a fantastic group to spread the green message, especially the junior girls since their color is green (I was a Girl Scout from Daisy level till 2nd year junior). Again, this has become a tradition that may just need to go. The cookies are not healthy for us. They are heavily processed, and packaged foods that have about zero nutritional value. If the Girl Scouts insist on forcing people into buying baked goods out of guilt to kids, at least support the environment by changing the recipes so they are organic and maybe even vegan. Support the future health of our neighbors, and other communities, and the little girls selling these items by not having crazy processed ingredients. There are fantastic frozen ball chocolate chip cookies at Trader Joe’s that are vegan. I challenge you to buy them and try them out if you are not convinced yet that vegan cookies can rock your world. Really though, I think the Girl Scouts could create a new tradition and adopt a new fundraiser tradition that maybe has a green commitment so it can constantly evolve. Right now, we need everyone on the planet using reusable bag. So they could sell bags. And someone will always need replacements or want to buy bags for friends etc. They could have e-waste drives. That could take it up a notch. I mean why sell anyone anything at all? There are companies who help organizations raise money this way such as ASL recycling. Help the girls be part of the solution and help them help their community do the same – no more cookies! 

 Of Course I'll Buy a Chocolate Bar On a similar note, schools need to drop the candy bar fundraisers. In this day and age it is like selling your soul. There are “good” chocolate bars these days if they are raw organic chocolate but what I am referring to here are the high fructose corn syrup chocolate bars that have no nutritional value and support bad food. For health reasons, no one should be eating ANYTHING with high fructose corn syrup. Why support a product that is created by an industry that obviously does not care about your health or otherwise would stop producing something that has been proven to be terrible for people’s health? Many people these days still don’t know but schools should be at the forefront of information on these issues and not be selling out to raise a few bucks. Today I was at a restaurant where they were trying to sell Pizza Hut sponsored/wrapped chocolate bars for the school. So maybe Pizza Hut was fronting the money of the bars? The bars were only selling of $2. Maybe Pizza Hut “donated” the bars and the school would make the full $2. Really though, there are so many better avenues to go where there is no upfront cost and you could help your community, again such as raising money by holding an e-waste drive. There is also a new company that will give a portion of sales of their product the BLADE that affixes to a tailpipe and helps reduce emissions. A school could raise money by cleaning the atmosphere for their local community, setting an example for the world, and improving the quality of life for the children selling the product. A bad food choice only promotes unhealthy eating and future health problems. I say schools just say no to bad fundraisers!

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These are just a few observations I have made recently of what may need to evolve or change completely. We have the ability to think freely but don’t use your mind. I would suggest for a moment we all just take a moment to slow until we come to a place of stillness, then observe the world from there. We are so caught up in thought and idea structures that we have created with our minds we have become slave to paradigms that need to shift. Check out the world around you. Take a moment to listen to the breeze and let any thinking come from your heart. Ask yourself what is really going on. Ask yourself why we do things the way we do. Ask yourself how things are made.

Let us all remember that if we let something go, we give room for a newer, fresher energy to emerge and replace it. Ideas are the same as material objects or people, sometimes we just need to let them go so something better can come into our life. Reflect on this thought for a moment, and try to remember anything where this concept holds true for you. Then find things in life, either your own personal life or think about different industries that you support that you feel could be changed for the better and find a way to fall into trust, a knowing that what will be better will be found and come to you once you make the shift and let go. Sure, it may be hard to give up the idea of balloons, and unhealthy snacks but there is a bigger, better, and more sustainable world out there just waiting for us all to let it come into our lives.

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