So there is no climate change, no global warming?

So the weather has been cold.

So there is no climate change, no global warming? Come on….

The past week or so have been very hard on the mid west and mid Atlantic parts of our nation. And not surprisingly there are folk running (or sliding) around ready to declare an end to the discussion on climate change.

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Well, don't get your hopes up. Climate change is complex and will lead to annual ups and downs in snow, rain, heat, and so on (let alone the normal complex ups and downs of climate and weather). Just as those of us who believe that we need to stop pumping heat trapping CO2 into the atmosphere should not pick a single heat wave, a single hot summer to base our point of view upon.

The sad reality is, our atmosphere is trapping heat – more heat than it has held inside our thin layer of life giving "air" than in the past millions of years. As the ice caps melt – there will be more moisture in the air, there will be more rain, snow, storms. All of this is known and well understood. So, as you dig out, keep up the pressure on your local, state and federal leaders to move towards real climate and energy legislation in our country and do not be fooled by short term hype.

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