Six Superfoods & What Makes Them SUPER

It's amazing how some of our day to day foods
strengthen our immune system and even reduce the risk of cancer. Here are some superfoods and their extraordinary benefits.


Beans – Beans are a great source
of dietary fiber, which promotes
a healthy digestive tract, helps
lower blood cholesterol levels,
and can reduce the risk of some
types of cancer. (more
on beans


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The highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit: Blue Berries, being very rich in anti oxidants like Anthocyanin, vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E, vitamin A, copper (a very effective immune builder and anti-bacterial), selenium, zinc, iron (promotes immunity by raising
hemoglobin and oxygen concentration in blood) etc. boost up your immune system and prevent infections. Once your immunity is strong, you won’t catch colds, fever, pox and all such nasty viral and bacterial communicable diseases.
(10 more
reasons why we <3 blueberries


Broccoli's noteworthy nutrients include vitamin C, vitamin A (mostly as beta-carotene), folic acid, calcium, and fiber. While the calcium content of one serving doesn't equal that of a glass of milk, broccoli is an important calcium source for those who don't consume dairy products. Calcium does more than build strong bones. Research shows that this mineral may play a role in the control of high blood pressure, and it may work to prevent colon cancer.


Oatmeal and oat bran are
significant sources of dietary
fiber. This fiber which has
proven effective in lowering
blood cholesterol. Eating oats
can spread the rise in blood
sugars over a longer time
period. Oats, like other grains
and vegetables, contain hundreds
of phytochemicals (plant
chemicals). Many phytochemicals
are thought to reduce a person's
risk of getting cancer. (more
reasons to eat oats


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Oranges – A compound in oranges called liminoid, has been found to help fight cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon. The high vitamin C content also acts as a good anti-oxidant that protects cells from damages by free radicals.
about the citrus goodness here


Besides carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which are all antioxidants, pumpkins have a lot of common nutrients, like iron, zinc, and fiber. Iron, of course, is needed by red blood cells. Zinc deficiency may be related to osteoporosis of the hip and spine in older men. And fiber is important for bowel health.
on what's good about pumpkins




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